Quit playing due to server lag

This is a really amazing game. One of the best games I have ever played, actually. I have invested over 500 hours into Conan Exiles. I quit playing the game due to server lag and building issues. Servers display a max occupancy of 40 players, but get near 15 players and server lags. Get near 35 players and you can barely walk around. 40 players is a guaranteed server crash. I have a very nice gaming rig, btw. The building/stability requirements are a major detriment to the building process. The stability/building requirements should be removed from the game. If realism is why this is a part of the game, it makes no sense. It’s a video game, let players build 100 ceilings off the edge of a cliff so they don’t have to deal with the 4 tile limit that breaks everything. Building in particular directions has to be taken into consideration while building or entire builds are rendered useless because you can’t place one block, though the space is there for it. Building a wall straight up with foundations shouldn’t be hindered by “Failed to place” messages when you are stacking or building a flat square/rectangle base. Having to delete multiple blocks around the problem block in order to get it to place is similar to building a puzzle. Some times you will just move the failed placement block in multiple directions until the block will finally place. Building up over a build and coming back down to it with blocks bugs out the placement of blocks. I really enjoy challenges but working around glitches is no fun.

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I played this game more than year, i had enought time to understand how developers spit at your face. When i first time found undermesh base, i started to write to Exploit Hunters, i created a lot of topics at Funcom forum about my problem with proofs, screenshots ect. After half year, i found same base on another server. But one day terrible thing began. When i joined to my main server, my ping come up to 1020. I have perfect internet connection, so it is problem of server. A lot of guys asked for help on forum, because they had same trouble as mine. First week in game i could not move, i could not open doors, chests, anything. After second week, im already asked for help Hugo, Ignasis, few admins from g-portal and more others ways. But still nobody helped me. Then third week, fourth week. And amazing admin from Funcom Forum - Ignasis, instead of help me just banned me on steam community and later i think on forum. Its just simple way to ban someone instead of paying money fo fix dat trash game. By the way this game just broken. After 2 years since release you still can fall under textures, your elevators can kill you more than 20 times of a day, you will stuck inside of horse when you get off it. Maybe you want to build something? But after 2 years they still not fix their foundations, and you cant place it correctly. Or maybe you want to fly on flat floor? Or sometimes you cant jump and you need to relog more than 50 times to fix some bug. You want to have your private thrall? You need to be ready that thrall may not want to attack your enemy or just dont want to take weapon. Sometimes you can join to your server and your base can dissapear at your eyes, and you will lose everything. Why? Ask Funcom why they still didnt fix broken decaying time of buildings. NOONE will help you with bugs, huge laggs, with exploits, undermesh, speedhackers and ect. It’s easier for them to give you ban forever than to solve your problem. This company is about developers who released the game once, and do not work on bugs. All the patches with bug fixes they release are lies. I think just wasted for nothing my money because i spent most of my time at this company’s forum everytime asking for help. And after all i’ve had more excitement than the fun of the game. This game broke my heart.

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