Online Server Lag

I have been playing Conan Exiles for a long time… and from day one the one major thing that has not changed is server lag.

From my experience… even with a big base and lots of placeables and thralls around me… 8am with a server pop of 5… runs pretty smooth. However come 8pm when the server hits a 25+ pop… everything starts falling apart. And I am not even talking frame rates… I am talking NPCs rubberbanding all over… not engageing… not know where to engage and running around all over the place.

Please… fix this. Way more people would play this fantastic game if when a small group of us get together at the same time the game didnt start falling apart.

And to be honest… we are not talking 1000 players here… or even multiple hundreds. From my experience a server with a server pop of 30-40 is VERY healthy and has longevity… which means more players playing… more players spending on the bazaar… more revenue from you as a company… but also this ONE thing would impact your fan base in THE biggest way.

Please get this fixed. With todays technology it has to be something that is achievable on your end.

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Funnily enough, the lag is now worse than before patch 2.4 when there were huge builds on servers and people had literally thousands of thralls and pets

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