PVP - C instead of PVE - C (Problems and solutions)


I didn’t realy check every topic if this was a subject on forum before but if it was, why it’s still not a thing? PVE players flooding PVE - C servers and after dying few times they offline in pvp times and the server goes 20-25 online to 5 online for 5 hours. Everytime i fight and kill someone %90 of them say why did you kill me or loot me, why don’t you want to play at pvp servers bla bla. But the PVP servers also flooded with 5-10 member clans farming 7/24 and raiding you everyday and making you lose all the progress you have. I can’t be online 5 hours and farm npcs everyday to not lose all my base in 15 second by a god farmed by a no life clans. I am not even talking about exploits, bugs and hackers. I just want a server where it says you can pvp anytime u want, but no raiding mechanics with a MAX building limit so people dont own the %20 of the map.

For my solution;

  1. Announce 1-2 month before changing PVE-C servers to PVP-C servers. and remove PVE-C forever. Why? Because we already have 0 player servers in the list only few servers are being played with some people together. By adding more servers we will just divide more players and there will be less online servers again.

  2. Bring back character transfer so people can transfer their items if they want to go to a PVE server(I doubt if more than %1 of playerbase in pve-c will do that because nobody wants to add limit to their gameplay, thats why they play PVE-C server and not PVE). But love of god please don’t make transfer possible for siptah to exiled lands we already suffer today from siptah items on exiled lands.

  3. For the server settings, PvP 24 hours like in pvp servers, but no raiding. There should be a max building limit so people can’t build everywhere because they can’t be raided. If clans want to make a raid pvp, they should send raid request which can be accepted or denied. Or even further thinking, you can make a base raidble for some time. when they do, take certain items, kill players. I am just saying this examples to show that there are multiple ways to make the game better and fun if u just start thinking.

Final thoughts;

I realy enjoy this game but Age of War… Do you want a new age with war? This is what realy you should consider about. I waited 5 years for this game to be perfected. Just changing some stats and fixing few bugs and call it an Age is not what you should do (sorry if this was rude). But the truth is people who doesn’t have 7/24 time to play and want to enjoy this game needs more mechanics to not play with 5 player in pvp time PVE- C server and not get wiped out in PVP server because they go to toilet for 10 min in raid time.

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Because PVE — C don’t give u pass on ganking farmers. How hard is it to understand.

It’s not called PVP - C

The PVP window should be shortened on PVE-c server, prime time hour for fun pvp in arenas and such but other than that no.

How hard to understand you say… If you don’t want to pvp just go to PVE server. You can put a battleflag and pvp in arena whenever you want.

I want to pvp without server being 5 online when it’s 25-30 online in pve time. People like you join the server, flood the server with 100k building pieces and lag the server for months and always offline in pvp times. Later when people want to join for pvp can’t even play in 300-400 ping leaves the server.

I want people to be in spesific server they want to play and not kill the pvp servers. PVE - C player base is killing the server

“I want” i want “i want”… Read the server name PV EEEEEEEEEEEEEE - C

If only designer intent was expressed for the server types, these type of arguments would be moot. If only…

Just because you want pvp but don’t cut it on pvp servers, you want to ruin the game for us pve-c players?

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What impudence, who are you to decide for the rest?!

More server options would be nice. I’d love to experiment the game in different ways. However, the current servers, at least the populated ones should stay as they are.

How exactly it is going to ruin your gameplay? You mean you don’t want to pvp or fight with anyone else and mind your own business? Lucky for you! There is a server mode for that called PVE only, you can play now! Pve-c is a server who wants to pvp without raiding but the problem is online count goes to numbers of a hand because PVE players build massive bases in PVE-c servers, lags the whole server and offline in pvp times. I am just saying there must be an official server with more play options without bombing eachother bases with 200 bombs like some unofficial servers. But there is no official server for it.

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I read it, thats why we are here talking about it. PVE-C is ruining the game. People want to pvp in this game without losing their all progress everyday. I am already playing unofficial server where you can have 7/24 pvp and build limit. So the server has always less than 100 ping but 40+ online everyday. Just telling here how should it be done in officials too.

Wanting some more option in this game makes you impudence?

You already mentioned you are playing happily on a private server, so I guess, what happens on officials is not really relevant for you. So I don’t get what you are trying to advocate.
Ofc massive bases are an issue on pve and pve-c, but for many players(me included) pve-c is the perfect mix of being able to do pvp without having to jeopardize your base.
As you are entitled to your opinion, I am entitled to mine and the server population on pve-c servers actually proves me right, a lot of people enjoy that concept as is

PVP’er have ruined the game, antimesh, nerfs u name it. - All the crap you come up with to have the upper edge of other players are just insane. Back in the day you woulda been locked up and the key melted to nails to fasten u down with.

It’s never like agame of chess equality, it’s always what can I use to have the edge of others.

You guys used chairs to port inside other people bases fro crying out loud. Stay away from PVEEE c and all is good.

Concept is good but can be better what i am saying. I am also playing in a official server at the same time. But unofficials servers are not futureproof and you need to play with the server admin rules, or they ban you. You are telling me the server population proves you are right but i bet you pvp once in a week with strangers or you have a clanmate and you guys pvp in a closed arena or something because the half of the online count always goes offline during pvp time. I joined 2 friend to play with me in a PVE-C server and they were realy excited about being max level and pvp in the most crowded pve-c official server but they only managed to do 1 pvp with a stranger in 1 week then they quit. You will tell me now go and play a PVP server with your friends for full time pvp but i already mentioned how bad the pvp servers are and unplayeble

well I don’t log off during pvp, but i don’t look for fights, but like, that it can happen any time during that period.
All I am saying, is that a lot of people enjoy this way to play and just because neither form, pvp or pve-c fits your personal wish, doesn’t mean that it should be changed

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Hell no, i barely can fit in pvp hours 6-11pm in my busy schedule on the pve-c server i play on, shortening the window would kill the game for those who play on pvec servers.

Because i for one dont like pve servers and i dont like pure pvp servers because of base damage and raiding.

But ive killed plenty of folk on my server and they ask why i kill them and why i dont join a pvp lol. Simply reply and tell them, why dont you play on a pve server then if you dont want to be killed.

Best solution is to remove pve servers and merge them into pve-c servers. Most pve players can avoid pvp hours. And then the only difference between the two server types is base damage on/off.

What I’m saying if this is a trend “real tough PVP’ers” keep flooding PVE-C servers we will never have a perfect Purge. We will most likely be attacked during a purge.

There used to an hour difference between Purge and PVP time we will see if this will be kept in the new system.

Why are you informing others thst youre being purged during pvp hours?

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Some people enjoy this way you maybe right but what happens to the people who are busy in that 5 hour or can’t find anyone to play because low online count like my friends couldn’t, 2 of my friend quited 1 week after they are 60 because nobody to pvp in the server even it was the most crowded Pve-C server. They won’t be able to pvp anyone unless they play a PvP server. 5 hours is such a short period and easy to avoid everyday if you don’t want to pvp and still want to play in that server. This logic is killing the server as i mentioned. Even we don’t do any heavy changes to this game mode, we can increase the pvp hours so people can’t avoid pvp times everyday.

I think pve-c servers are populated maily by people that are more interested in building but like the occasional pvp experience or people who like to troll/hunt these or newbies who want to try out all mechanics bar raiding.
Regarding the pvp hours on pve-c servers (and this is my personal play experience), I log in during pvp hours, not because I want to pvp, the hours are at the time, I usually have time to play. I personally would prefer 2 smaller windows per day instead of that long one during my main playtime. But it is what it is, I can manage and the pve-c server is what personally suits my playstyle the most, as I don’t care much for pvp, but don’t want to completely miss it.
I guess what you are looking for, is a pvp server without raiding