How to improve pve-c servers

I love the pvp of this game, but in this period, not being able to play every day, I had to restart on pve-c servers where I can do pvp, without however the anxiety and the obligation to be almost always online to avoid find myself without a roof over your head.

But sadly, I’ve found some quite unusual limitations in pve-c servers and I’m wondering what’s the point of that.

  • Why is pvp limited to only one time slot?
  • Why can’t I rob unattended inventory left lying around in the open (workbenches and such, I’m not referring to crates that can be locked and shouldn’t be able to be destroyed of course)?
  • Why can’t thralls and pets be attacked and not be attacked by them?

It would be nice to have a server somewhere between pvp and pve-c that unlike the classic pve-c allows:

  • Do pvp h24
  • Being able to loot bodies, inventories, workbenches or anything left unattended
  • Killing thralls, pets or mounts left lying around, and always being attacked by enemy thralls and pets.

In my opinion this would make the pve-c server much more fun by keeping that climate safe and non-toxic, so the base is not destroyed and the players do not risk losing everything.

What do you think?

I also tried looking for unofficial serves with such rules, but they don’t exist. They often have far more limitations than that.
But if you know any server like this, possibly stable, populated and long-lasting, possibly European, I would be grateful :slight_smile:

Don’t know about looting and all that, but PvP enabled 24/7 should be a thing on PvE-C :+1:

The point of PvE-C in my view is basically “I wanna fight but I don’t want my base to get wiped every 2-3 days”, so I would say:
PvP always enabled
• Can fight/damage followers if they are not [Guarding], so can damage them if they are [Following] or [Scouting]
• ×1 Harvest Rate, any higher rate is just straight up broken :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Try this private server…

[EU] EOE - Newbie Friendly #1

It has everything you have asked for apart from killing thralls, pets or mounts left lying around… It has been online for over 100 days.


Let me rephrase the topic title, what you want is to change how PVP servers work. - Just face it PVP never worked as intended in this game, PVP should have a safe base, and a treasure base others could destroy. No need in changing PVE-C.

PvE-C has one big flaw IMO, which is that the PvP time window is too short, way too short!

The rest, eh it’s fine really.

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Show all players on the map at all times. That would be lots of fun.

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I’m surprised PVP on isn’t all the time. And to be fair, if it was changed it would change too much. It would just be more convenient for those who want to organize a fight or so. Because let’s be honest… that’s really what this is about. But nothing wrong with that.

As a PVE-C player, I agree that PVP should be on at all times, and that we should have the option to loot containers that aren’t locked.

As for attacking thralls and pets, you can, but only if they’re in the [FOLLOWING] state. I disagree with being able to kill followers that are “left lying around”, because that would only lead to griefing, which would lead to both toxicity and overbuilding.

Hoo boy. I like your optimism, but I’ve spent thousands of hours on PVE-C servers and don’t share it. Let me ask you something: have you tried attacking someone on a PVE-C server – and killing them – without provocation and/or consent?

If you have and didn’t cause a huge stinky drama, you need to tell me what server you’re playing on, so I can start there too :smiley:

Usually what happens is that the victim gets pissy and suddenly 90% of the server dislikes you. And then there’s tons and tons of pointless drama in global chat.

Whether we like it or not, players on PVE-C servers are really PVE players and prefer their PVP to be consensual sparring bouts in a player-built arena. There are historical reasons for this, by the way. Before Funcom introduced the Battle Standard, PVE-C was the only way to have sparring bouts. Now that the Battle Standard exists, this can be done on PVE servers, too, but most players either don’t know or don’t care.

The problem is that there is abso-freaking-lutely no in-game reason for conflict in PVE-C. To be fair, there isn’t one in PVP, either, but those servers already attract almost all of the players for whom “because I can” is reason enough to attack others.

So while I agree with some of your suggestion, what I believe that official PVE-C servers need is an additional game mechanic that gives us an in-game incentive to fight.

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