No official PVP-C servers?

How come there are official PVE-C servers but no PVP-C servers? PVP-C sounds like the most appealing combat ruleset to me, allowing me to build and level without being griefed during some hours but allowing me to PVP and raid bases during designated hours. PVE-C means you can’t attack bases which means everywhere will just be sandstone because no need for defenses, and PVP means you can literally have people camping outside your base preventing you from playing until you log out until building damage hours start and they destroy your base anyway. Too much of a griefer paradise. PVP-C seems more balanced and fun… but no official servers for it.

Our server (Bria Origins) isn’t official but it does fit what you are describing. It’s listed as PVE-C, but rather than making buildings indestructible, we restrict it to the same timeframe as our restricted PVP times. This allows for you to enjoy majority of the day as PVE but still get a chance to PVP and raid. Best of both worlds I would think. I feel PVE-C servers should default to this setup personally. Taking away the ability to raid removes major fun factor in PVP. If you are on PC and want to check us out let me know!

Well, my friends and I had just been renting our own server and leaving it open but nobody ever really joined, so we were looking for official servers more likely to have some population on them. Official PVE-C would definitely rule out at least 1 friend, possibly all, I think I’m the only one a bit squeamish about 24/7 open PVP (they haven’t had bad experiences with griefers the way I have, I look at every person who’s more PVP oriented as “yes, they’re going to gank me with a buddy and then loot my corpse and not even take the stuff they’ll just drop it on the ground so it decays faster, just to be a jerk.” They claim that’ll never happen…) so they want PVP, PVP-C would take some convincing… PVE-C… not sure if I could even bribe them to play that, and definitely not PVE, they all complained about sandstone suburban sprawl

Yeah 24hr PVP can be overwelming. I hope you find a server that fits your clans needs. The game has lots of potential.

No sandstone for us!


Arena? Looks nice.

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What you describe and want is literally PvP server smh

Um… Purge mechanics beg to differ. Just because people can’t damage your base doesn’t mean NPCs and monsters can’t. Purges will still wreck your base even when there is no PvP allowed. So please, do not assume sandstone will be all you see and need. You’ll need go to tier 3 if you wish to survive.

There are plenty of official servers that only allow PvP and raiding at certain times.

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