What's the deal with official pve and pve-c?

So I’ve gotten weary of the constant grind and defend and attack of official pvp and decided to check out PvE-C. On all of the three official servers I got onto people either a) blocked off the starting point, b) land claimed the entire map, or c) did both.

What gives?! Why even bother?! You’re not playing the game, you’re just being a dick!

Is there even an advantage to doing this? I didn’t think PvE was competitive, so why pull these PvP stunts?

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People just like doing those sorts of things on officials because there aren’t any admins to prevent it. Best bet is to find an unoffical PvE-C to play on with active admins. No one wants to spend the next week trying to clear out some guy who land claimed everything just to be a dick. Especially when the building damage is limited to a specific time so they can just rebuild everyday.

I dont play on PS4. Thanks for the offer though.

Just like in the real world, people are not sociopaths because lack of police, that a fash/autoritarian mentality, the reason is because of bad implementations and game designs.
Beware i don’t intend in any way or form to bash funcom, but it has been suggested plenty of times that we need a different claiming mechanic, maybe similar to the tool cupboard of rust, to limit claim spam and to add more own-responsibilities-awareness to players.

Nothing is yours in this game, to quote “intellectual property”, and the fact that how the game is implemented and still developed means we are basically still in early access. Look at fisical copies, they look nothing like an updated game. Please don’t take offence, I’m just trying to be devil advocate here, and the devil always needs a good lawyer, or as the say goes “you either die a hero or see yourself become the villain”.

That’s true. Just look at the Journey Steps. 3 of them are still impossible to complete.

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Thanks for the offer anyway though! My clansmates found a good one that we’re on now, it’s PvE-C with building damage still on and flags to show wether or not you’re competing in pvp.

I slugged it out in official pvp since launch, and while it’s been fun it gets tiresome lol. I was just kind of astonished at how many jerks there are in PvE! What’s the point of blocking off the spawn desert?! Lol

I agree! I love the game, but there are a lot of things that could use some attention and land claim is one of them. Without an Admin, having invincible buildings just means permanent troll posts.

I like the “cupboard” idea, and think doing something like that with a skull or flag would be perfect. But we’ll see where this goes. Right now the admins seem cool on the server I’m on so the game is definitely more balanced and active.

Well, it’s a way to broadcast your failure as a player and your utter worthlessness in all aspects of life for all to see.


Lol well put Mikey. It’s basically “I want to upset people through PvP, but can’t handle any sort of losing so I’ll just bully people on non competitive servers. How do I lose if I’m the only one competing?”

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