Lets talk PVE-C

I have been playing Conan Exiles on and off for about 2 years.

I landed on a PVE-C server, mostly because I didn’t want to deal with the constant pressure a PvP environment offers, but at the same time was looking for more than a straight up PVE experience.

I cant help feeling that there could be more elements in the PVE-C presentation than there are currently, which could improve the overall player experience.

I was wondering if other people had thoughts or ideas on what could enhance the player experience on a PVE-C server.


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I play pve-c just because there’s less trolling and building spam than pve.
When someone is being “too selfish” on our server, they end up being killed by just about anyone they meet :slight_smile:


But you can only do that during certain hours.

Sure, but when someone can’t leave their base anymore during those hours, they either start to behave nicely or they just go somewhere else :slight_smile:

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You haven’t played too many official servers. I’ve encountered multiple PvE-C servers with discord groups of 10-20 ppl that join the server and “convince” everyone to quit the game. They camp outside your base during pvp time and use 3rd party software to disconnect you and kill you offline, then proceed to crash the server for hours.
Next day you wake up with your base surrounded by statues (a toxic practice called claim spam) to block your build from expanding and they make sure to reset it every week.
You can only make tickets to zendesk and receive this three times in a span of 4 months, before you quit the server/game:

"Greetings Exile,

We currently experience a high number of contacts from our community, and regret not having been able to do an in depth investigation on the issue you reported.

We hope it has already improved on its own. However, if this still impacts your experience on official servers, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding."

This is PvE-C in a nutshell for official servers since I’ve seen this on 6 official servers already and it’s the same 2-3 clans that do this. Using every imaginable expoit possible and 3rd party programs to “own” you.

The game is in a decent state right now, but Funcom needs to implement ways to counter foundation spam griefing, claim blocking other players with placeablaes. The community came up with lots of solutions like upkeep, building limitation, increase cost after certain number of built pieces, etc.

Better ddos protection has also been heavily requested since alot of servers crash more than often.

There’s also the issue with the big discord servers that just join server after server in multiple “allied” clans to ruin everyone’s game experience. PvP should just be a toggle option at this point because people do want to pvp, but not 1vs20.
This topic makes a good suggestion for the forced PvP we have to deal with:

This is feedback from playing the game for 4000+ hours on PvE-C and PvP. Imagine playing for so many hours just to get an overview of what the real problems are with the game and getting ignored. I hope this doesn’t get overlooked.

TLDR: PvE-C experience could be enhanced by just solving the current problems with the game like overbuild, claim block, ddos, 20player-clans, forced PvP.

Best regards.

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I have played officials and PVE-C since they rolled it out almost exclusively for the past five + years, and yes there have been toxic players that come and go, but never have I experienced what you describe.

Not sure what region you play in, but the Americas servers that I have played on never had this happen.

Game was released in early access in May 8, 2018. That’s not 5 years+.

I think in general, CE would benefit from having some in game points of contention or something to actually fight over in a PvP.

PvE could benefit from the same idea.

For example, I present a map from the original Planetside. (I know this was a 3 faction war, but there are multiple reasons why a base would be contested and fought over for hours and hours out of a single day).

A faction having control over certain bases would grant that faction bonuses. I won’t go into detail of the bonuses because they wouldn’t apply from a sci-fi game, but for one example, if a faction controlled a tech plant, they could then spawn heavily armored vehicles.

These bases also needed to be powered with nanite resources. This created an organic event where players were risking their lives to do nanite runs and you never knew who would be out to get you to stop the delivery.

Just simple reasons to give players a goal outside of Pv-walling offline player bases on PvP servers. In the PvE aspect, it would give players a more cooperative approach.

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Sounds like an interesting idea. This will take way longer to implement if they went this route. Lot of new programming would be required to make it work.

If they will make this idea with keeps/bases/towns to be conquered, they will need a new map for that.

They would have to program a reason of gaining these bases will benefit a player/clan/faction. I guess if your faction does not own the region’s power, then you could get purged at a certain frequency. No purges when your faction controls the certain region.

This idea would be good for all types of servers.

Well good luck convincing them on this idea. :grinning:

Yeah, PvP times should be enabled 24/7 on a PvE-C server.

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Sorry but not true, I’ve been playing Conan Exiles since beginning of 2017, early access release was January 31. 2017 :slight_smile:

That still doesn’t make it 5years+, which was the point of my argument.

@GodlyVoice The game was released in EA in 2017, and went live in May of 2018, you have your dates mixed up.
4+ whatever, a long time. AND my statement still stands.
2021-06-12 17_54_32-Window

I purchased it on February 5th 2017.

If PvE-C is 24 hours PvP, then it would be a PvP server not a PvE server with Conflict (some PvP). Perhaps, they should have PvP-C servers where you are not able to raid someone’s base but you can PvP 24 hours a day.

Although they probably will have it name it something else. such as PvP-NR (no raids). Since conflict represents PvP.

I disagree with that, but I think it’s just semantics… I’m currently playing on a 24h pvp server which has no raid, and it’s called pve-c, and I never thought it misnamed.

Is that an official server or private? I thought official servers they were only timed for a period of hours in day to be pvp.

Of course it’s private, but my point was I thought it appropriate to name it pve-c with this set of rules

Well private could set rules that do not fully correspond with official servers. Like a PvE-C listed private server could have PvP Raiding once a week at certain hours, since the owner of the server set it up that way.

I used to run PvE-C server and we were planning to turn and off the PvP raiding for events for example. Still was a PvE-C server in setup typically except during those events. We never did get that event going, but the server would still been listed as PvE-C since two server settings in the back-end would indicate it for advertising purposes.

Personally, i would call any server that has 24 hours pvp (server wide that is), a PvP server. Since it is setup to PvP at anytime, but just no raiding in your case. But I guess that is more semantics which is not something worth a major back and forth discussion on.