PvE-C Thoughts + Suggestion

Hello! I’m a long-time Conan player and one of the regular players on PvE-C #1941 Official. On this server, we have a very tight-knit community, and this morning we all sat down and discussed what we thought of the PvP implementation on PvE-C.

While this server is a glorious step in the right direction, we’ve (unanimously) agreed that it would be more fun if the server leaned more heavily towards PvP. Right now it’s very PvE sided, which has its perks, but leaves everyone simply bored and logging off when PvP isn’t enabled.

What I had thought (and what most people who joined PvE-C thought) is that PvP would be enabled 100% of the time, and building damage would be enabled 0% of the time, thereby allowing people with limited playtime to guarantee the safety of their progress while also allowing them to enjoy the spark of excitement and danger that PvP provides.

My sugggestion is this: Please change PvE-C to allow unrestricted PvP time without building damage.

Thank you for reading my suggestion. :slight_smile:


Agreed, the reason i play PvE-C is so i can make consistent progress in the game at my own pace. But still be able to pvp and have that unknown risk factor. As a solo player pvp only server make it hard to build up the way i want and having pvp on 24-7 on the PvE-C servers seems like a better middle groud to me.


I second or rather third this suggestion. This should also be beneficial for players who are in a different time zones. Thanks for reading!


I disagree, I signed up being fully aware of the limited PVP window after the drama of shutting down the PVE-C servers brought them to public attention and brought them back. The immunity to PVP window offers spouses who dislike PVP a time window to play with their family without getting their clock cleaned. It also offers a decompression time for people who are getting camped or harassed.

Rather, what I’d like to see, is smaller pvp windows much more frequently.

Current PVP windows only suit people who work a day job, and who can actually take part in “Prime time” hours, the server is otherwise useless for PVPers who work night or graveyard shift.

It would be much preferred to have 4 hour PVE windows, followed by 4 hour PVP windows. This would mean 6 switches of playstyle a day and cover all timezones. Overall PVP would increase to 12 hours over the current 5 or so hours we see.

Net benefit would be more pvp time, for more people.


TLDR of the above. I’d like the pvp time to be split up so it’s like having 3 meals a day instead of gorging all at once.

That might be doable for those of us that would like to see more PVP time. Thanks for your input Leon! See you on the server when/if it comes back up.

Splitting up PvP like Leon said actually sounds like a really nice compromise, I’d enjoy this!

Yeah I would be okay with 24/7 PvP or atleast longer PvP time. Really the only reason I chose PvE-C is because people have a nasty tendency to offline raid exclusively, making any sort of base building damn near impossible to do. I don’t feel like losing all my progress to a bunch of cowardly 13 year olds on summer break with no job or responsibility, however aside from building damage and offline raids I have no problems with player damage for most of the uptime.

I’m okay with 24/7 pvp if they disable item drop on death or make bodies only lootable by their owner. The server I’m on has clans that will gang up on you to rob your gear to equip their thralls. It gets a little tiresome replacing gear, I’m sure it has already driven some players to plain vanilla pve.

But if you cant loot theres not much point in pvp… it wouldnt be worth the risk. if youre outnumbered try high grit and just run off, should work now stamina glitch is fixed.
Challenge to dual option would be good too, might make pure pve more appealing to some.

My suggestion for PvP-C :

  • No need to limit time but let us players choose whether we want to enable PvP or not, like in an MMO it’s called PK (player kill), when we enable PK, our name turns red. So people with red names can kill each other.

  • Add ARENA for fair pvp 1v1 or groups and with bets.

My thoughts are jolly co op pve, pvp no building damage, pvp building damage. All should get option to invite to duel like eso. Prime time just turns into troll time without admin so should be for private servers.

Arena like a new server type?
Why not “Battle Royale”/“Royal” or something along that line instead? And lowering the size of a clan to 3 or even straigt down to 1? (Making it more like deathmatch.)

I mean like a UFC octagon for 1v1, there is an npc for registering a fight and place the bet, and the fight will be announced by the server, so it’s a permanent building in a friendly camp or settlement, and other people can watch.

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I would like to see a PK switch, my biggest issue with limited time pvp is that most of the time I am not able to be on then. But many of my friends don’t want to play pvp and there are many times I just want to build.

Having the option to pvp enable at my choosing, and more importantly having the option to build pvp affected bases would be great.

I don’t want to say give us a tabard slot, but if you wear a tabard for a clan then you are pvp on and anything you build while wearing it belongs to the clan and subject to building damage. Take the tabard off and you are no longer pvp enabled and stuff you build is personal and not subject to building damage.

Its not a perfect solution but if they remove land claim from stuff that is not owned by a clan then you could build right next to someone provided they are either not in a clan or not built on space claimed by a clan.

Think of it like owning a house in a walled city, you own your house but the clan owns the city walls. The walls can be damaged and anything built when wearing a tabard or outside on clan land, but a persons house would be safe. This would mean some people would build their own crafting station in doors but we might also see less personal shrines to every single god in peoples back yards as items like altars and map rooms could be made always clan enabled.

So if i get ganked by a gang then a few days later see one on his own i cant get revenge bc he switched his pvp off?

Yea that’s how it goes in a server with pk on/off, but there is a cooldown once the PK is open, can’t switch it off immediately, like maybe a few hours, so you shld get your revenge in that time window, unless he made the kill near end of cooldown.

That’s why I also suggest a 1v1 arena like UFC Octagon or gladiator arena for group pvp. All other player can watch or challenge each other. So you can make your revenge here, or you can trashtalk him until he agrees to accept PK lol.

An arena would be a good addition.
Im on a pve c server eu and theres hardly ever more than 20 people online, my base is central with map room open to the public. I rarely see anyone and if i do 18 hours out of 24 i know im not in any danger so its geting dull already.
Time is 10.21 uk, out of 13 official conflict servers (Eu America Oceania) highest player count is 12. 12 people on one massive map.
Also pillar spamers. People might think twice if they knew they could be clubbed to death and looted whenever they stepped out, same with boss despawners. These sort of troll dont appear during primetime hours.

Trying to combat trolls, griefers and spammers usually just makes matters worse. Besides a lot of people just want to have fun playing the game not battling trolls. There should be better mechanics in the game to reduce those things. I’m sure everybodies already heard about Fallout 76 bethesda has said that offline raiding wont be allowed, you wont drop your gear on death and pvp will be some kind of challenge or duel mode, I like the sound of all of that. I dont like the raid window in conan on pvp servers, and the pvp window on conflict servers doesn’t make any sense. An arena or duel system could be intresting, have item drop during duels, no item drop during standard 24/7 pvp, and only allow raids while at least 1 clan member is online they could make a raid window extended for a short time to prevent people from logging off to avoid being raided. As far as pillar spammers and pve trolls they need to fix the land claim issues and maybe just make some areas unbuildable.

Well anyway thats my two cents on both pvp and pve-c

They advertise this game as persistant online multiplayer with slogans like dominate your enimies and pvp or single player. I got the game for pvp instead of darksouls remastered. Iv played this game since launch and in that time ive had 2 pvp encounters, both ended with the person changing their mind and walking off. I was sold a pvp game but there is no pvp here. Are the devs telling me to go play dark souls or eso for pvp out of primetime. Why dont darksouls or eso have primetime, it should make all their customers happy.