PvE-C Thoughts + Suggestion

Yes but from what I heard they also said you will never see a server list and your progression goes with you where ever you go.

So I am wondering how that is going to work with base building, as there are several popular spots on the map that have several bases like the iron fields at tower of bats or around new asagarth, if Fallout 76 is anything like Conan you are going to see people build in the same spots over and over so seeing how they plan to handle two people on the exact same spot will prove interesting.

It is a messy issue and I already said how I feel about it. I mean I love base building just for the sake of base building. As long as my core hut was safe from being blowed up I would be happy to build castles all day for people to raid. Provided I had 2x or 3x the rate of material gathering for basic materials, no fun to build castles to blow up if there is no way to build it as you farmed all the stone in your area.

I had this idea in the first day of the PvE-C… full PvP it’s a “must have” for this mode.
We, as players, are in this tipe of server for only one reason, NO BUILDING DAMAGE, we love to pvp, but we don’t have the time or patience to rebuild a base after being rided.
Arena it’s a good idea too! Make one with some rules like, you don’t drop your items on death and there’s a respawn zone in the arena.

I agree, make it pvp all the time

Devs, Hear our Cries!

Still waiting for a PVE-C server for ASIA!!!

If you would use cooldown that it would be better if with every kill the cooldown resets to max.

so after he killed anyone or demolished a building piece he/she is a guaranteed PVP target for the next 2-4hours.

Except arena which is a fair fight, a duel, so no timer reset after that.
(And tbh This arena thingy could be happen in pure PVE either Without loot option ofc.)

What you suggested is kinda like MMO style, and imo MMO has great PvP mechanics that can be adopted here.

It’s like this in an mmo I ever played.

  • Player Nickname has an icon next to it pvp/pve.
  • Cant attack or be attacked in pve mode.
  • Attacking a person in PVE mode won’t register the attack to do damage.
  • Enabling PVP mode will register attack to do damage to player target.
  • Attacking a player will make nickname turns pink for one minute, but if he’s killed we’ll earn a light red color to our nickname for 1hour, after 20H or 20 playerkill, the nickname will be blood red.
  • Killing monsters will reduce the red duration, the more we kill monsters our nickname will be white faster.
  • during pink it has small chance to drop 1 item in inventory, during light red, a few slots of inventory could drop including gears, red nickname is more severe, will drop many items/equipments.
  • we can declare war to other clan.
  • there is a paid item that can be used to protect items/equipments dropping, (but since CE doesn’t use that kind of monetization, dropping gears is fine as it is, in fact we drop everything when died)
  • etc.

Imo, even a PVP server should adopt MMO style PK. So newbie which of course will choose no pk can play with peace until he’s ready, but this kind of style will promote high population though, it probably cannot be used here but some other mechanic might be good to implement

The just turn it off idea requires no time or resorses from the devs. This pk switch idea wont help as the playercount is falling sometimes you wont even see anyone for days.

A conan version of dark souls lvl range might fit in with the story, how the player gets rescued by a higher lvl player at the start (Conan) the player doesnt look to attack lower level players. Cant lock on means out of pvp range. So higher lvl’s cant grief the noobs unless the noob attacks him first