PvE conflict needs polishing

Greetings and salutations exiles, after playing on PVP servers. Like 1931 and 1932, I realize how toxic the environment can get and how people will tend to lead to use exploits. To survive, and just the general environment will be horrible people don’t greet each other or have open dialogue, it’s very deceptive. I had gotten used to the toxicity as a way of life. And just trying to fight off the trolls. Instead of developing that positive community you just can’t simply trust anyone.

I accidentally logged onto a PVE conflict server while I was looking for a server with low latency not realizing it was not PVP. And I was immediately Blown Away by the community chat, and the buildings people would take the time to craft beautiful buildings, and you can just tell that the chat was a more positive experience.

But after playing for a while I started to realize that the servers we’re not really polished and flushed out and their concept of PVE conflict. For example. It is almost an exact clone a regular PVE server. Except for players can PVP from the time of 1700 the 2300 and that’s it. That one little simple change, which frankly is lazy.

So my recommendations to PVE conflict are as follows.

PVP is 24 hours a day.
And the server States it. Because of right now the server does not State what time PVP can take place.

Also fish traps, thrall Wheels, campfires, animal pens, workbenches, chest, and boxes can be looted by anybody if they’re not locked. This would require the player to put them indoors. they would basically have the same functionality as a PVP server. this would also create the conflict that the server states that it is, people would have to protect their thralls. And just not be blatantly lazy about how they build their stuff.

But basically flush out the conflict aspect of the server in the other mechanisms in the game besides 4 hours of PVP that is not stated in the server information. Have a little conflict in the building system for how I gave examples above,

but everything else Remains the Same, buildings are immune to player damage. Decay timer stay the same,

On a side note I consider certain things like campfires fish traps and map rooms to generally be Community items. That you build for everyone to use. Same thing with workbenches and blacksmithing benches if I leave them in the open, I usually generally build them for new players to use. And I was surprised at that all of this was locked out in a PVE conflict and a PVE server. on my PVP server I never get upset if someone takes a stack of food to stay alive, are uses my campfire. I was totally blown Away that this is locked out on a player versus environment server it just shows but they did not polish the experience.


Sounds good

I’m playing PvE-Conflict since july2018 on the same official server.

And yes, one thing almost all players playing PvE-Conflict want it’s pvp without time windows.

It will be incredibly helpfull even in blocks prevention.

Also the suggestion of having to close chests or anyone can access them like in PvP is very good, even if not for the reasons you stated.

Players on PvE-Conflicts etablish alliances and do a lot of politics in my experience, it’s one thing I loved of PvE-Conflict.

But without any chance of sharing resources it’s always based on face-to-face interactions, wich is not always so easy to manage.

It’s wrong even in PvE-Conflict to place benches and chest outside, even if peoples do it, because each of them, not being connected to the base, has its own decay timer, than people who did it complains losing things :sweat_smile:

I’m not a fun of your suggestion to extend it to things like fishtraps, not at all after the existence of the new improuved fishtraps.

I’d like to have my improuved fishtraps on my fake-fishing boats working just for my clan as they are now :stuck_out_tongue:

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If not full day PvP, maybe multiple PvP windows?

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It would be nice if you could place community benches and their contents were instanced, but everyone could use them.

So basically, I could place a smelter with a level 3 thrall on it in an open air place, if I placed stone in it, only I could take the stone or bricks, but anyone could come along and place their own stones in it too to make their own bricks.


Community workstations, more or less. An option to make the server the owner of the workstation or building or maproom but not chest or vault, so anybody could use it but nobody can damage and destroy it. And if you put materials in a community workstation, they still belongs to you. They don’t become community. So you’re the only one able to retrieve them. With the exception of workstation using fuel. Any materials that can be used as fuel in that workstation become community and can not be removed by anybody.
The option already exist with manifestation of zeal for religious altars. It’s impossible to remove them from the altar.

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A pve / pvp tag on a character will resolve the problem of pvp only during pvp time. When a player doesn’t want to be bothered by pvp, he / she just set the tag as pve. When he / she feels like to kick some other players a$$, he / she only needs to switch the tag to pvp. And of course everybody is automatically tagged pvp as soon as the scheduled pvp time starts.
About raiding base when it is not pvp scheduled time, it’d be possible with a warning mechanism. The attacking player / clan warns the targeted base owner when the attack could begins. That opens a window about the same length of pvp time allowing to damage any building, loot the belongings owned by both attacker and defender. Of course if the pve / pvp tag exist, both attacker and defender are automatically tagged pvp as soon as the window opens. That window could not open before official pvp time is finished and could not close after official pvp time starts. That way unofficial and official pvp time can’t overlap.
Warning is mandatory to let the targeted base owner the opportunity to be online at the right moment. And 48h before to give enough time to prepare for the fight.
It’d be like opening a pvp window outside the normal pvp time involving only two players or clans. Of course during official pvp time, raiding will stay totally free. Anybody will still be able to raid everybody.
It could even be implemented on pve only servers with more restrictions. That way people will be able to do something against griefers.

I don’t think a tag could be usefull, because it will be abused by trolls to never being under PvP.

Yep, it could work

Why not just the opposite of the current state, where there is almost constant PVP with a short window of no PVP to give people time to safely gather, build, and repair their equipment?

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Depends how the timer window works in the end. Could work too.

I meant like 7 hours of PVP enabled, 1 hour disabled. So assuming the server resets at 06:00:

05:30 to 6:30: PvE
6:30 to 13: PVP
13 to 14: PVE
14 to 21: PVP
22 to 23: PVE
23 to 05:30: PVP

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Not at all. I quote myself :
“And of course everybody is automatically tagged pvp as soon as the scheduled pvp time starts.”
Either the rolls stay offline to not be automatically tagged pvp, and can’t defend their base against raids. Or they go online and are tagged pvp like everybody else online.
There was something close in Age of Wulin when I played it a few years ago. It worked very well and made possible to play purely pve or involve yourself in pvp, be it wild pvp or participating in the many pvp events happening daily, like book thefts, and weekly like schools wars and guild wars.


Ok extended pvp, the possibility of fighting other players, I’m ok with the suggestion for chests, but the bases must stay indistructibles.

It’s the reason why peoples, like me, leave PvP to play PvE-Conflcit (we like to have a fight time to time, not to see our bases and all our stuff gone).

If you force PvP (fights only) stay active all time, something most PvE-Conflict players want, as a side effect you’ll reduce blocking, because if you spot someone doing it you can kill him.

Now I’ve understood better your suggestion of tags, it’s nice, because it’s the same during PvP time (if you tag PvP all offline players during the time window) and offer the opportunity to fight outside scheluded time window.

But you trade the opportunity for the ones who dislikes to fight to have no tag outside time window with the benefit of killing trolls.

The first is something regarding a number of players less than 50% for my experience (and if you’re afraid of PvP why don’t you play pure PvE ?) the second one (trolls doing blocks) it’s a real issue.

That’s why even if I see the good of your idea, like are good the suggestions of @Fable and @Aria_of_Sorrow of multiple time windows, my preference is for full time PvP (but WITH buildings immortality, it’s the very reason for playing PvE-C instead of true PvP).

you can always lock you Chest like on PvP servers but if you un-lock them you can others can Open the Box/Chests

I have played mostly on PVE C servers and no one wants this on any of the servers I have played on.

In fact the many players just either stay in their house and dont bother going out during PVP time.

The reason They do play on PVE C is because you can fight back griefers to a certain extent that you can’t do in PVE.

But there currently nothing wrong with PVE Cs current setup.

This suggestion works much better on a private run server.

The situation you describe it was the one on my server 1 year ago, that just because at the time Alpha clan hunted newbies as a sport during PvP time.

The game is changed in one year, 90% of the players where I play (official server) are ex-PvP players bored by cheaters and bored by losing their bases who just enjoy PvP fights but they do not want to lose buildings.

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This couls be true as well. I for one would not like the change. Unless thralls become active and can kill players.

Othwise I dont think I would continue. No used to be heavy PVP until the things you mentioned.

Pve c for the most part has a good community. Adding more pvp in my experience makes it more toxic.

I like having the options of PVP.

Im just worried that the cheats and the other garbage would trickle over

I don’t know if introducing more PvP in PvE-Conflict will ruin our community honestly.

I know we have a very nice community on the server where I play with the problem we cannot effectively end the problem of some trolls clan playing only when PvP is unactive and using bosses to attack each clan outposts on the map to loot thralls.

And I know we have to store large quantities of sandstone foundations just to block trolls blockers if we spot them building blocks outside PvP window.

Let me say: I don’t know if PvP all day will ruin the community we have in the long run, but at least I know it will solve problems we have to face everyday.

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I see what you mean by the boss dragging and not being able to defend properly against it.

I know recently the server I play on had people who were trolling. We have a couple in particular who like to drag boss creatures to peoples homes. We started trading thralls and weapons during non pvp times to help people get rid of bosses.

I gave 2 bandit leaders to a few noobs equipped with legendary weapons I have dupes of. That helped them fend off boss monsters along with the somewhat broken Cimmerian armor drops the the mounds.

So we have some level 20s 30s equipped to handle griefers. 2 well armored thralls with solid weapons means a dead boss. Usually.

We have a clan of 3 or 4 who and some jerks who attack noobs.

We are now successfully “torch and pitchforking” them into their houses.

Picture a server of 25 to 30 with 15 people just standing outside your base ready to kill you upon exit. It sends a message.

It would be nice to take it to them the way you are describing. But PVP became toxic a while ago. Cheats exploits and all sorts on nonsense.

I just have a concern that it will trickle over to the PVE C community which is far less toxic than PVP.

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