Put Conflict back in PVE conflict servers

I would like to suggest that PVE conflict servers have the pvp aspect 24 hrs. This would make the servers more interesting and bring alot more players on them. Right now there really is no pvp cause players will come on when pvp is disabled. It would also make it easier to resolve conflict with other tribes instead of having them talk alot of trash in chat but never being on during pvp. It would also be great if tames and thralls could be killed and take damage during pvp. Just some ideas that i think would enhance the conflit servers.


Keep the bullying and trash talking down if people were able to pvp all the time but bases could not be touched.

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I suggest finding a private server that offers what you are looking for. They have a full range of settings that may be tailored by admins of that server. One i know of is pvec monday to thursday, full pvp weekends, including build dmg.

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I played on official PVE-C servers because I thought that would be that perfect middle ground for someone like me, who would like to fight other players as a normal part of the game, but without the pressure of having to be connected every day at a certain time and without the brutality of losing everything.

To my surprise, I realized over time that there are two types of players on PVE-C servers: 1) PVE players who want to have a friendly, prearranged bout now and then, and 2) PVP rejects who would love nothing better than to wipe everyone else out but they couldn’t cut it on PVP server.

The reason for this is pretty simple: there’s nothing in the PVE-C mode to drive the conflict. There’s no reason for it, no motivation. And when you do have the motivation, there’s nothing you can do about it.

It would be nice if they added something to stimulate conflict. Perhaps clan wars, or something like that.


Even trophies from pvp kills, take an opponent’s ear for your necklace, like Diablo 2. Collecting them would motivate some pvp…

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Killing thralls will be hard to accomplish bc it’s bound to building damage

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