PVE - C needs more "conflict"

Hi guys, hi devs,

first of all. Great game you made there. I am a player since hour 1 and played PVP before with a few friends.

So we were on a PVP server with 7 ppl including myself. First we were pretty excited with the game except the bugs. But then we got raided 2 times and lost EVERYTHING. Work of 1 month down the drain. We are players who are something between casual and evovlved. Meaning that we love to play but real life time is more important. To loose everything was so frustrating that all 6 mates of mine quit the game. Those days you only had the choice between PVPand PVE.

So i was left there just hiding and hiding and not experiencing the game to its full potential… eventually I quit as well after a while.
So I thought lets test out PVE … what a bummer… Totally boring, it seems like the game was not made for this. I quit playing and just came back occasionally to find out the same things I found out in my first attemt.

So then there was PVE C coming. Iloved the idea without knowing too much, i thought, something in the middle would be awesome.
But now I have to find out that during PVP time not even your thralls and animals would fight back an enemy player even if he hits you?!
Why would you dry clean the PVE like that ?!

I think there are a lot of players out there who quit the game or get frustrated of loosing everything. There are too many games out there which make gaming fun a lot more enjoyable then ripping your hair out when you found out your Base was ripped to the ground. Talking to my friends I think the target player group would be a major part of what used to play conan.

My suggestion: Make the PVE C more “conflict”. Let thralls fight back enemy players and animals as well. Thats what they are there for right? If no it just feels like a dry cleaned PVE, and you could at the same time get rid of animals and fighter thralls…
Another suggestion: Come up with a new server group which might be called P&thralls VP. Simply an option where it is possible to fight with thralls and animals against others.

And… please leave me alone with comments like “why dont you play on a private server…” noone of our friends wants to play on a Private Server. The fear of the day you want to log in and find out that the bloke owning the server deleted it after party hard with his chick is too frightening…



Funcom gave the option to rent a private server, because every player wants something different from the game. With each content update, they keep adding server settings. Bear in mind that not many games offer private servers so this is a privilege you should take advantage of.

Also, Funcom already said they have too many servers and they can’t moderate them properly without overworking their staff, which is happening right now.

Killing another player’s thralls is griefing of the highest order, and is justified only on a pvp server.

Your idea of P&thralls VP already exists. It’s called PVP.

I think they should change the name to PvP-L, where the L stands for Limited, that may draw away more competitive players and scare a bit those who want a more relaxed game.

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no thnx… i already have to run with a thrall to farm bosses dont wanna have them to fight other players

cyrus is right we need more ppl who like fighting on pve-c servers

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