PvE-Conflict servers should have no time restriction on PvP


I come from work 1 hour before PvP starts and I’m ready to jump in the game to have awesome fights. Last week I’ve been clashing with a clan and it felt really enganging, but right now, most players log off before PvP starts and log back in at midnight.
Why are these players playing PvE-Conflict if they don’t engage in PvP and what is the purpose of this server if for the most part it’s a PvE environment.
I suggest removing the time restrictions on PvP for PvE-Conflict servers. It’s what these servers are for anyway, so players can engage with eachother. If players don’t like PvP, they should go to PvE servers.

Forgot to mention that a player told me they play PvE-Conflict so they can loot offline bodies.


I’d love this, but its only part of the solution imo.

I joined PvE-C with the intention of engaging in PvP, but literally no one wants to. PvE-C was also chosen because you can’t get your base wiped by no-life-dregs. Protected bases are the main attraction of PvE-C imo.

The problem is incentive. Right now a kill will get you your opponents kit, and the ire of the whole server that watched it go down. They lose something they needed, and you gain something you probably didn’t need. In the end, the winner is seen as an asshat.

PvE-C is mostly inhabited by PvE players (from my experience anyway) so if we want more PvP encounters, we need to have a “nothing to lose, everything to gain” mentality.

I’d do that with only a lootable backpack (not your hotbar or equipped armour) and have players drop an addition goodie bag on death. The goodie bag would contain mats based on the level of the dead player.

There’d need to be a cooldown or lock on the bag so it couldn’t be farmed however. Perhaps getting a kill will reset your own drop cooldown.


It is a PVE server with some conflict hince the C at the end of PVE.

I do look for PVP during pvp times and as you stated everyone logs off or if you happen to find someone to pvp against all they do is threaten to report you for harassment!

I would go as far as suggesting to have red spots on the map where players may be present. Big enough to point me in the right direction of finding players and to give those players a chance to hide. Have these red spots update every 10min so player’s position won’t revealed in real time.
Running around looking for fights for 1-2 hours is not fun.


At least now you have players logging in and out. A few months ago every single PvE-C server was “dead” with 1 or 2 players on it, rest were just refreshing.

Did you had enough of PvP servers now with 3.0?
Come on #6008, surely our Russian players would make a habit from ganking you.

I do not have fun playing on Official Servers now, the last patch camed around 3 weeks to late…

I don’t quite get the idea of time based PVP. Especially with building damage off.

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I do this because I dont want to fight a purge AND some little PVP gankers at the same time. The last time I had a purge, I had to fight off 2 players that showed up to “help” and ganked me instead.

The last time I had an actual fight was when someone tried to jump me near the pirate ship, and when I tore into them they ran off.
What I see mostly on PVE-C servers is clans showing up with 3 plus in them and running around trying to gank solo players. This is your typical PVP fail wannabes that cant handle a one on one fight.
It is sadly amusing how desperate some are to get a kill.

Forgot to mention that a player told me he couldnt handle the PVP environment and was just here to gank noobs in the noobie area.

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Yes they shuold, because there are a lot of people that enjoy then as they are, there are some private servers that may fit to your needs, thulsadon lost paradise for example is a pve-c. I enjoyed this server but, as it is pvp enabled full time i dont settled to it.

The idea being suggested RE: goodie bags has been done before, and the outcome is that it invariably gets farmed/exploited for materials. This is also a common occurrence with a bounty system (see: EvE Online).

Incentivizing participation rarely leads to any other outcome. In the end, the average gamer’s more loot-driven then they are kill-driven. Long-haul PvP itself is a bit niche within the PvP world overall. These aren’t matches, but wars. They could go on for months, when the average match is 15-30m, maybe an hour for some games.

It’ll take more than loot to hold long-term interest, and esp. to hold sincere long-term interest that’s focused on the fights instead of gaming the system to get drops. Often, the most effective driver there is the playerbase itself – or, more specifically, groups of players dedicated to putting on a show and giving others a reason to feel invested in combat.

You know, like in your example where the rest of the server gets mad at a ganker. That’s organic! That’s good stuff! Good vs. Evil, the classic storyline!

These worlds need heroes AND villains. We might have to become those if we wanna see big, cool fights.


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