PvE-Conflict Time Based PvP

What a waste. The idea is amazing but implemented terribly. PvP should be on at all times, especially with no building damage, etc. I love the idea of being able to build your home sweet home and know it is safe, but once you leave your domain you are at the mercy of the outside world. With time restrictions people just hide in their base for the select hours or log out… Not even sure why they don’t just roll on a PvE only server.

I have tried so many different PvE-Conflict servers and all the same thing… dead as hell during PvP hours.


To be honest, that wouldn’t change much if they turned PVP on 24/7 for those servers. Players simply would avoid each other. You could try to instigate PVP and force it, but you’ll be looked at as a jerk by the whole server.

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