PVE-C Combat idea

Had an idea for some changes to pve-c that would add an interesting dynamic to clans.

As a clan leader you would be able to declare war/rivals against another clan, and if they accepted your war/rivalry then building damage would be enabled during raid times.

If you wanted to end the war/rivalry then both clan leaders would have to accept the peace, via whatever in game means they choose (trade, land trade, ext.)

I feel it would make it so people on pve-c would have a bit more engagement with each other, and promote some fun feuding, but maybe also some peace?

You could also add a way to make partner clans, where if both accepted then there would be 0 ability to pvp between the 2 clans (unless battle standard is placed).
This way you would be able to run dungeons with people and not worry about killing them, or team up against a bigger clan (provided the bigger clan accepts both war invites as well)

Promote both peace and war!


I’d have to say no thanks. If you’re looking to be able to blow into others bases than there’s pvp servers for that. Pve-c works fine just the way it is and is a nice halfway point between pve and pvp.

If you dont want to participate you just dont accept the war invite?


It just seems a little pointless to me. Like I said if raiding or being raided is what your looking for there are already servers that cater to that. The whole concept of pve-c and what makes people play it rather than pvp is that your buildings are secure. It seems contradictory.

First off, just say no and your buildings stay secure. Also this allows pve-c to be a true mix of pvp and pve. It allows for people to feel secure, but still have that option to fight people.

Id also like to mention that i haven’t once said raid, cuz this isn’t meant really for raiding for the sake of just stealing someone’s stuff, its to add an extra level of OPTIONAL combat and add new relationship features to clans


I’m not looking to change your idea bud. I’m just voicing my opinion. If accepting the possibility of my buildings being damaged, which would in point serve little point other than to gain access ie a raid, than I would look to join a pvp server. Just my opinion. It’s not something I would ever be interested in outside of pvp servers.

I’m not against the idea, it can be a nice addition.

However based on my experience in PvE-C barely anyone will probably use the feature. Even during the times you can kill someone players avoid each other.


Ummmmmmmm… I’m gonna say it :slight_smile:
While I like the idea and as you already pointed out it works really well in theory… The issue is that people simply aren’t like that… So we’re the problem… not the game :frowning:

What I mean by that? I don’t think you would ever find that ideal “fairy-tale” crowd who will utilize this system with the best of intentions and then strike deals over land and come to peace agreements…
You know why that worked IRL throughout history? The threat of REAL consequences…
Players online will simply push the issue infinitely and escalate it more and more, never de-escalate it or come to magical “peace agreements”.

This would simply cause more harm than good imo. and I think it would only take one case where your clan is baited into accepting a challenge and then the other clan constantly raiding you and never even wanting to consider a peace treaty till you have to move servers for you to be able to see it…

Also the potential for exploiting is high… what happens if a clan accepts a challenge… but then all clan members leave and reform after they raided you? Or maybe the members leave and let the clan leader deal with the mess (since leaving the clan would be your only escape if the other clan doesn’t wanna back down)

Bottom line is that I simply think this is one of those ideas that’s really cool in theory, but the nature of people simply prevents it from ever working as intended in practice.


While it’s not a bad idea. For example, EQ1 had guilds declare war on each other (both agreeing of course) and you would have a PvP event guild versus guild in a PvE game. I had 3 guild wars during my time in EQ1, one with our Roleplaying enemies, 2 with our allies for the fun of it.

This would be a bit complicated coding to make it work since only 2 clans can siege each other. Also, it would need a big interest from the PvE-C server population to make this even worth doing. I no longer play on a PvE-C to have a vote either way. Good luck with your concept by drumming up interest for it.

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