WAGE WAR! idea for clan combat in pve-c

I was hanging with my conan clan mate yesterday and he had some really cool ideas!

  • WAGE WAR!!!
    It would be awesome if in PVE- C you could wage war against other clans or persons! What i mean is, for the casual player who doesn’t want the chore of constantly logging on and prepping for defending they’re base on PVP but would still like to duke it out with other people you could “declare war” on another group. They would have to agree to the war, but once it starts you could then damage each other’s buildings until someone claims defeat. There would be a “pillage” phase after defeat that allows some looting but no more destruction.

Both people would have to wager items in the war, and the victor takes all + something special.

Clans ranks and stats could be on a “War Board” so you could see who is top dog!

I think it would create a new competitive aspect to the game as well as give you a chance to crush some enemies.

Oh, and the war could be multiple clans at once, free for all or teams maybe.

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