PVE-C "declare war" option / Opção de "declarar guerra"

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I’m new to Conan Exiles and I confess I don’t have much experience in the game. As I work, I have little time to play. But playing PVE is very annoying; PVP is impossible. I was wondering how good it would be if we had a PVE-C like server with the possibility of declaring war against a clan, and if that clan accept, the damage to structures would be active for the members involved. Of course this is a generic idea and would need more criteria.

Like I said, I’m new to the game and I do not know if anyone has ever suggested this or if there is any discussion about it.

Olá a todos

Sou novo no Conan Exiles e confesso que não tenho muita experiência no jogo. Como eu trabalho, tenho pouco tempo tempo para jogar. Porém jogar PVE é muito chato; PVP é impossível. Estava pensando como seria bom se tivesse um server parecido com o PVE-C com a possibilidade dedeclarar guerra contra um clan e se esse clan aceitar, o dano a estruturas ficaria ativo para os membros envolvidos. Claro que essa é uma ideia generica e precisaria de mais critérios.

Como eu disse, sou novo no jogo e não sei se alguém já sugeriu isso ou se há alguma discussão a respeito.


Well… the idea is not bad in theory, but in practice the first reason players play PvE-Conflict is they like to have a fight with other players, from time to time, but they dislike the idea of losing their bases.

Plus, when a REAL clan war happens (not a friendly duel without loot, wich is the most common type of fight in PvE-Conflict), usually is rare to see people just fight each Others during PvP time, it’s more common they start a block-other-clan’s-base or access to resource war against them, or just attacking their pets/thralls driving bosses or purges on them.

So, even if I’m favorable to have options I can use, so, being a PvE-Conflict player, I will be favorable to have your suggestion, I think very very few peoples playing PvE-Conflict will use it.


I think this is what everyone wants. The ability to play the game at a rate that doesn’t destroy your social life/ life in general to its fullest potential.

I’ve suggested this months ago with great support, but unfortunately I dont think it’s in the cards. Same with jump attacks

Other games are coming out fast that will offer more, like Amazon’s New World and Black Desert.


That sort of griefing and combat is the death of Conan Exiles. That and major flaws in the combat system. Limiting that by adding wars and limiting construction to radius off of a flag would certainly bring me back to the game.

I’m not referring to trolls.

Sometimes it seems we are all good players and than there are the trolls, but it’s not like this.

The world is not black or white, it’s in grey shades.

The truth is you can have 3 types of conflict in PvE-Conflict

1- duels: very common is people dealing in chat to arrange a fight (sometimes friendly with no loot, sometimes more serious)
2- hunting: one time more common, now every day much rare is the player who hunt other players during PvP time… because it’s just part of the game ! Sometimes just for fun (letting than preys take back their gears) sometimes not.
3- war: a clan war begin for many reasons: a clan occupied the territory where you wanted to build something, a clan hunted you (see point 2) and you are now angry, a neighbour is just too close to your base preventing you to expand or it blocked the spawn of a t4 wich was the spawn point you farmed because the others are far from your already built outposts etc.

The problem is real clan war means people angry with other peoples.

Usually, even good players, follow this path during a war:

1- communicate: usually PvE-Conflict means a lot of communication, trash talk, politics, but also deals between clans. Well in most of the case the clan making you angry do not even knows it did you angry for some reason. Most of the wars ends before starting.

2- hunting enemies during PvP time: if it’s impossible to arrange a deal first thing a clan do during a war is to hunt enemies during PvP time. There is only one problem with that: there’s no way this can change the mind of peoples of the other clan, only if they are forced to play during PvP time or they really are weaker.

3- if hunting enemies do not work in 50% of the cases “offended” clan starts to use unfair tactics: using a boss to attack your bases, blocking the building they want you to remove etc.

It seems to prevent this last step the suggestion of @THG206 will be good.

Well but the problem is this: the clan doing this will be glad to declare war in a fair-and-standard way… but the other clan why they have to accept ?

It’s not in their interest to accept, they will never did. Because if they want to accept the war declaration, they already can fight during PvP time, but it’s REALLY rare to see clan wars resolving in huges PvP fights.

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When I said “being able to declare and accept wars” is only because of the fun aspect. Imagine that there are two well-established clans: they have a well-positioned base, divine bubble, good thalls, armor, war resources, etc ; and they want to prove who is stronger. My suggestion is not about the troll players, although I think there could be used somehow with some kind of criteria, but that’s a matter for another discussion.

For a better analysis, once the war is over and there is a winner and a loser, the PVP setting between these clans ends. This gives the loser clan a chance to rebuild and try to challenge the “Alpha” clan again after a period of “rebuilding”. This opens up possibilities for new strategies, new enhancements, recruitment, so the challenging clan tries again to take the “Alpha” title of the exiles land. In fact, it could even have a sort of title that would visually highlight members of the “Alpha” clan. I think it would give a new challenge to players of PVE servers who like the game but do not have so much time available to play.

Quando eu disse “ser possível declarar e aceitar guerras” é somente pelo aspecto da diversão. Imaginem que há dois clãs bem estabilizados: eles possuem uma base bem posicionada, bolha divina, bons lacaios, armaduras, recursos de guerra, etc; e eles querem provar quem é mais forte. Minhas sugestões não é a respeito dos “trolls”, embora eu pense que poderia ser usado de alguma forma com algum tipo de critério, mas isso é matéria pra outra discussão.

Para melhor análise da minha sugestão, depois que a guerra for decidida e houver um ganhador e um perdedor, a configuração PVP entre os clãs acaba. Isso dá a possibilidade do clã perdedor se reerguer e tentar desafiar novamente o clã “Alfa” após um período de “reconstrução”. Isso abre possibilidade para novas estratégias, novas melhorias, recrutamentos, para que o clã desafiante tente tomar o título de “Alfa” do servidor. De fato poderia até ter uma espécie de título que daria destaque visual aos membros do clã “Alfa”. Eu acho que daria um novo desafio aos jogadores de servidores PVE que gosta do jogo mas não têm tanto tempo disponível para jogar.

Yes I understand what you’re saying and it’s interesting but the point is: in PvE-C no one already has a well-positioned base (in PvP terms), nor he farms manifestations of zeal to summon god bubble or avatars nor have raid resources like explosives or trebuchets because all these things are totally useless in current PvE-Conflict.

If you start a new game mode this way it will be wonderful I think :+1:

But already playing peoples wich have bases like this one, will never accept to do a war just for fun losing all these things.

I’ld love to be able to declare wars, but I never built something like that if it was an option, I had built a PvP-style base instead.

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If I am undestanding this right though it works like this:

Clan A wants to raid Clan B’s base, but they have to “Ask permission” first. Doing so puts them at risk of Clan B raiding their base as well while the war timer is active.(War timer only becomes active if Clan B grants clan A permission to go to war against them.)

Basically it leaves it entirely at the discretion of the defender if they feel up to the challenge or not when an attacker offers them the chance to put their base at risk and perhaps get some loot from defeating the challenger. (Perhaps in addition to a timer there can be a “kill quota” that ends the war early if reached. I figure it would only count towards such a quota if your kill is logged in.)


Maybe the raid declaration could bestow some sort of an added challenge instead? We could still raid as usual, depending from the server we are in, but declaring a raid toward a clan (or an individual?) could in a way provide a healthy approach to PvP too.

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Maybe have a special arrow used as a way of declaring the challenge? (You can only have one active challenge at any given time… And it marks where you intend to attack on the map… ) To keep it from being abused as a diversion tactic perhaps have anything not on the contested territory still be unraidable?

Why not a banner instead? To get the benefits, one must place them close enough to the target settlement for it to gain influence. This banner could also be placed by the defender to show their willing participation, readiness and pillaging options. Banner would behave like a mini raid-setting tool that allows the winner to reap rewards based on both the defender’s and attacker’s pillaging settings (as long as both banners reach each other).

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Oooh what if we got a new “war chest” item that can’t be opened by enemies except by use of a special “war key” that is won from defeating the defenders in a war? The defenders of course can’t take items out of the chest during a war, nor can they move it, but as long as they don’t loose the war it is safe from being looted. (Basically the only way for an enemy to open it is to win the war…)

Another thought, what if there were different war conditions that could be set ahead of time… Such as:
Attrition: Neither side can harvest resources. War continues until one side surrenders. (The War Chest of course would be unbreakable so anything placed within it should be safe.) Battles are declared ahead of time and have a set period of time to be “won”… KD ratio is what determines who wins the battle…
Total Annihilation: Battles are declared ahead of time. Those who are logged off before the start of a battle cannot be killed until they log in. Everyone gets 1 life, if they die they have to wait until the end of the battle to respawn.(Their inventory is transferred to the war chest.), the battle/war is over once every member of the other side has been killed.(I figure anyone who doesn’t log in for more than a week or two counts as “dead” from a functional standpoint.)

Oh YES!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest that PvP is on 24/7 on PvE- C servers. I mean it could change the whole “wall in another clan because we are in disagreement or block off an obelisk just because we can”. If PvP was enabled 24/7 us players could actively stop others griefing us to an extend, its not a fix but it could reduce the amount of griefing and blocking when u can kill them while they try to build all over and around your base etc.

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