Alternate PvP option for PvE-C

What would everyone think if funcom added the ability for clan leaders to “wage war” against each other, to allow for full PvP between the “conflicting” clans? I think it would add an interesting depth to the current mode. I’m not sure if God’s are disabled on PvE-C, or if people simply don’t use them. But I think the ability to engage in full PvP if so desired, would be very fun for a lot of clans that get bored or feel plateaued.

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If ppl desire to go full pvp on pve-c, why not just jump in a PvP server?

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The main reason is because, in full PvP servers you don’t get a choice. Your base can be raided by anybody and everybody. If this were enabled on official pveC servers, then the clans who have built up and have nothing left to do, can opt into full PvP with a clan they’re conflicting with, but still have the assurance of their base and thralls if they opt NOT to participate.

I see, one thing that PvE-Cs could have is pvp full time instead of just on raid window.


I think it’d be pretty neat if in single player, some NPCs can plan to attack you. Not just in Purge. Make things more interesting.


Yes, and this could fit really wel with the factions, if you kill too many of said faction for zeal farm, there could be sometime later an event with some npcs with a boss among them to ambush you in a random place you’re wandering, much like the random events from Elders Scrolls series, for sure it would add the element of surprise.

You know i hate to compare games or bring another game into this, but Ark official PvE has the option for tribe leaders to wage war against each other, allowing for full PvP only against the initiated tribes. I don’t want Conan to be ark, I just feel this change could add a really juicy and fun layer to PvE-C since only being able to fight during raid windows leaves the rest of the time pretty stale. I’ve been on my conflict server for 3 weeks now and have only had 1 skirmish with players because of the window.

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If they made it for full time pvp instead of just during raid times, as well as implemented the ability to wage war I think pvec could be a really GREAT mode.

I didnt know about that on Ark, never played, but yes, seems an awesome feature indeed, for a game like Conan, it would make sense having this even on PvE, would even help with structure cleaning Im sure.

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Oh, and btw, welcome to the forums ^^

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Yeah and that’s another thing. If 2 clans wage war and 1 loses, all of those structures aren’t taking up memory for the server anymore. PvE and PvE-C alike, I think it would be a great addition.

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I play PvE-Conflict since 11 months and I think it would be unused option hard to implement and to make it working properly.

Because the first reason we play PvE-Conflict is we cannot lose our base.

This leads PvE-C players to build a lot, and you’re right probably there are a lot of “secondary” outposts a PvE-C player could risk for a more interesting war, but not his main base.

I’m favorable (I’ll play it if it exists) to an alternative PvP where one “main base” (a building connected to a special building piece only the clan leader can build and can have only one at a time like a bedroll) is indestructible and all the rest follows the normal PvP rules.

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