New pvp without raiding mode

You guys should add a new server type where it’s pvp with no raiding anytime where you can kill players at anytime but you can never do damage to their buildings the only way you can destroy a building is when it decays and it takes up to much space


sounds better than standart pve-c, i dont know why pvp is restricted by time on pve-c


Exactly it’s wierd like I’m fine with killing each other but I want to be able to build a base without someone placing explosives and destroying it

Cool idea! I prefer PVE because I love building in this game and would be too sad if my base was destroyed. :blush: But I would love the challenge of fighting other players.


I think the idea is to allow a cooldown time without PvP, so that players can build/gather resources without the more aggressive PvPers attacking them and possibly ganking their inventory. So in other words it gives time to play strictly PvE

I agree with the OP though there should be more options for Official servers.
Personally I’d like to see something like conquest servers with 24/7 PvP, No Raids and a server option to drop inventory on death but not drop anything equipped on character or wheel.

Maybe they could introduce PvP-C instead of just PvE-C


The idea is good. :slight_smile:

But I’d like to have a new game mode unifying things I love from pvp and from pve-c, something like: each clan can build one, and only one special clan totem, everythings connected (that shares decay timer) to the totem is indestructible, like in pve-c, all the rest could be raided and destroyed like in pvp.

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