New Official Game Mode - PVP:Retribution

These new servers will have standard official settings with one major exception. There are no raid hours. PvP will be active at all times. Building damage will be turned off. Your buildings will be safe until you kill another player. From the moment you kill another player a skull will appear next to your clan name and any buildings you own will be damageable for the next four(4) hours. Stealing from another players workshops will activate building damage for one(1) hour only.


its an interesting concept… however it would be basic PVP in the end… a clan would send one player to jump the target and be killed by the target… then the rest of the clan would have 4 hours to trash all of the other clan/players structures…


Interesting idea, I love the concept but I see a problem in it:

Thinking like a troll I’ll begin to build a wall around the base of my target, when he kill me I’ll have 4 hours to raid him, if he don’t kill me I’ll have his base walled.

Abusable totally unfair tactics.

The idea of indestructible until you do something is a concept really good, but I think the trigger should be something different.

What about a system like the purge ?

I’m thinking something like this:

Each player every day (for a day) may “flag” another clan interacting with a building owned by that clan. If that clan reaches a certain number of flags that day it will be raidable during a fixed and knew time window.

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That’s a really good point. I was more worried about squashing the obelisk spawn killers and clans who bully single players out of resources. Any idea how we could reduce the advantages that large groups have over single players?

Perhaps have it only apply to people who loot their kill? (So if your corpse or the corpses of your thralls get looted then you get one hour for each item looted to retaliate against the player/clan that killed you… So basically two flags,

a warning flag when you kill them, and then a multiplier flag that determines how many hours they get to raid the crap out of you. (Perhaps the multiplier flags stack for all loot taken… So if you go around killing and pillaging then everyone who you attacked gets the same massive time window in which to band together and rip the crap out of you…)

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Yes. Make it the way it used to be. No one knew when they were getting raided. I as a single player always get ganged up on the moment I do the slightest damage to their fort. But I can’t stop all five of them when they hit mine.

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Removing the event log would be an improvement to balancing the game for single players. The issue of it being a numbers game still stands. On my current server we have alphas who have a combined total of almost 25 active players. This particular clan attack solo players to prevent newbies from getting established. I proposed this system to allow new players time to build up before entering pvp.

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Do you think it would be possible to remove the ability to build around another players structure? That may be a reasonable suggestion within itself. I’m not saying we should increase territory range but maybe remove the ability to “connect” a wall to itself while someone else owns an interior object. Now you could argue that players will see you building a wall and throw down a foundation before it’s complete but to that I’d say build your wall first :yum:

Not with the intelligence to understand what’s a block and what is not.

For example this is “unconnected” for the game, they said it would be legal after today’s patch, we’ll see, but effective in building a wall.

So you can do an algorythm recognising if a claimed area “surround” another claimed area, but this way, if you think about that, even a normal PvE land war would illegal.

Plus, it’s not something easy to perform by the server, it could cause perfomance issues when players build.
And I totally expect, with this game mode, something closer to how you build in PvE than in PvP, so a serious problem.

That would be a little more fair for people that have to work and can’t stay up till 1 am.

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