Time to get started

Can you look at having a set time in pvp Where you can not be raided or attack other players perhaps something like a beginner protection period? I have tried a few servers and a soon as you start to get a bit of progress some clan with lots of members in comes and wipes you out before you’ve had chance to make any progress because they can’t take down well established players. It’s hugely off putting for new people to the game that want to do pvp.

I personally am going to try one more time on another sever if the same thing happens yet again then I’m done with this game.

Have you tried a pve-c server?

Pvp allows building destruction during certain hours, but players can kill each other at any time.

On Pve-c, your buildings are indestructible, but there are certain hours in which players can kill each other. It gives you the pvp (player vs player), without losing everything.

You may also try a private server that is well controlled by the administration that has the settings you are looking for

I don’t mind the fact that you can destroy buildings et cetera what I do mind is the fact that I’ve been on a server for about 4 days done some work With a base only just to get raided by a big ■■■ clan of people Before I’ve had chance to do anything else

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