Can someone explain PVE-C

Ok got bored so I tried PVP played for a couple weeks loads of fun, except now server is very aggressive and I apparently suck at fighting.

So In PVE-C theres a pvp time and a raid time.

So the first ? is how do you raid if you cant blow up buildings.

also are there any really good servers out there that I could tryout, Ive read alot of horror stories about PVE-C and it make me standoffish but im not doing so well in the pvp env.

Have you tried a private server of an rp server? there are lots of options out there with the things you want.

PVE-C raid time is when you can attack other players.

theres so many private servers out there its hard to choose, I dont mind the raids on the PVP what bugs is getting beat all the time cant get the fighting down

Yes it is hard to choose servers, check which ones have people online when you play. most privates want players to join and will have players that are willing to spar

Thanks for the advice I found a decent private server Dark Realms, some stuff is made a little easy but I like it so far.

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Pve-c or player versus player conflict is unusual but an interesting concept. During the week everything is pve and come the weekend everything switches to pvp for the normal times.

good to see you back :smile: let me know if you are looking for a server.

I think something happened last night, a bunch of players left and started a new server.

If you know of good servers let me know

I never encountered PVP on the weekends. Its just between 6pm and 11pm. Otherwise you can’t hurt people outsode of that time

Well currently i do have a friend that is running a server. There are no rules on it outside of don’t block the obelisks or noob spawn. You can raid and do as you please as it is a 10x server meaning that rebuilding even from a foundation wipe isn’t hard. Its called Shadows isle.

Some key features of this server that are rather interesting.
Admins build their own bases and stock them with animals and thralls as well as loot. Players are encouraged to raid these bases. The harder the base the more loot you get.

There was an admin shop and will likely be one again if the population grows where people can sell and trade items to admins for other items. The admins in turn use the items traded or sold as event rewards or base loot for other players.

We did at one point do server events that spawned in animals yet to be fully implemented into the game. (Yeti’s, Lava worms and other such creatures. Lava worms are crazy!)

There is a kill the admin constant event where if you slay the admin you get whatever he has on him. Which could include items yet to be put in game. Like crossbows and repeating crossbows and much more.

Admins do not fight against other players unless attacked and are unable to use god mode or demi god mode meaning the only difference between an admin and a player is that they are an admin but are still just as dangerous as anyone else in the server. The only person who has access to god mode and demi god mode is the server owner who does not partake in such things.

There is a one week grace period when you join the server. What this means is you have one week to do whatever you please before anyone can attack you. The grace period does end if you raid anyone though. However 1 week on 10x can let you do insane stuff! 4hours of work i was level 60 and was already working on an awesome base!

There are more features here but unfrotunately we have had great difficulty getting things going. so the server is a little dead but those who do play are quite friendly and enjoy seeing new people around. I am sure you would be able to make plenty of friends.

However if you want an official server i can suggest a few of those as well. Though they are pvp as it is where i prefer to stick around. However they are rather chill with loads of friendly people.

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