Newbiee on multiplayer


Hello. I joined this forum and FC site yesterday.

I have been playing Conan alot over time. but always in Co-Op and singeplayer. But I always wanted to be playing with other not only friends bur other as well. So I do have tought about going online multiplayer.

Is there any friendly servers that might would let me join. I am a newbiee when it comes to playing with other then just my friends or singleplayer.

Are you wanting to do PVP, PVE-C or PVE?

PVP sounds to stressfull since I have never played any PVP games before,
PCE-C Not shure what that is. Is PVE-C like PVP or more like PVE?

PVE I have played alot before on different game. and that my playstyle. But im not Against maybe trying PVE-C.

Like I said in my post I have played PVE before. because it is more friendly to new players in games they haven’t tried MP before.

Yes PVP can be very harsh but also exciting. Sounds like thats not what youre into.

PVE-C is just PVE but during certain hours you can damage other players. You can never damage other players buildings.

Sounds like PVE or PVE-C is what your looking for. Next question is official vs private servers.

Let me tell you that official servers are unmanaged and most likely will not have any actions taken by FUncom on them. But they are reliable and plentiful.

Privates are nice because admins can enforce rules and kick people for exploits or glitching. The downside is server restarts and the chance the admin can abuse their power.

I have played both and had a bad experience with glitchers on official servers. The private server I am on now is awesome and the admins are great. However, its PVP so it wont be what youre looking for.

Best of luck!

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Thank you so much for the explinations on the difference types… it really helped me alot. I have only been playing with friends in Co-Op or in singleplayer. so I don’d know much about the difference between official and privates, or PVE, PVE-C I know what PVP is to some parts… And yes for me the choice would be most likely between PVE-C and PVE. But I don’t exclude PVP at some point in the future, Just need to play alot where I get used to more than only my friends in CooP.
Thank you again for explaining these things. makes it easire for me to understand what each type is.

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What ever you do, don’t play on official servers. You will have a bad experience. Find a private server with a active admin and you will have a far better time

Thank you for the tip. :slight_smile:

I have my own server with a mod that has indestructible building pieces so you can do pvp without the risk of losing everything

Pvp is the same as conflict. The only difference is that on pvp you can kill other players at any time. However you can only damage building pieces at certain set times.
On pve you can’t destroy others buildings, so if they block anything off you can’t do anything about it.
Pvp is the same as conflict other than the one minute difference I mentioned.
Join pvp official 3217. Good server, friendly, not too many people although the numbers are picking up slowly. So you can be one of the first to build up without being hassled.

If you wish you can try my new sever : NOmansland
there are no rules just play and have fun

Normal XP gain 1.0
PvP restricted times mon - fri 22:00 - 00:00 weekend 18:00 - 03:00
PvP off for building Damage,
increased crafting speed
Items Kept on death
increased Rss re spawn speed
Harvest 2.0

all setting can change the are not fixed in stone If needed just ask and for them to change

What’s this server you play on? A friend and I are finding it hard to settle down on any server due to alpha player abuse on official. Like walling off all of brimstone.

Hey I have a balanced server with pvp if you join discord I will explain.Its too complicated to write in a text .

The server is called Accursed. Last wipe was on 2/11.