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I have over 200 hours of play on PVE, and I have been wanting to play PVP for a while now. However, I read a lot of posts about how toxic some players are, the things they do and say, and they kind of discourage me from even going into the PVP servers; seem to me like a playground for children. My question is, are those things I’m mentioning rare or do they happen across all the servers? Your advice will be highly appreciated.

PVP officials are very non casual friendly. Privates i have played on on PS4 are not all bad, but they tend to fall into 1 of 2 categories for me, so i avoid them.

They either have owner/admin who has friends that exploit that friendship, or the setting are so easy, they have taken the fun of gathering completely out. Most privates on PS4 are basically battle royales. You will get wiped a lot, but at the same time 10x harvesting, insta thrall make it so you can rebuild over night.

Since Early Access I have joined maybe 36 PC PvP servers as various entities. The saltiest language and worst verbal beating I’ve witnessed recently was administered by me when some cat tried to stream snipe me in September. The server was outraged at my use of the word for a female dog.

A lot of them are self-regulating and actually somewhat ethical, IME. Just because we wish to kill each other doesn’t mean we need to be jerks about it.

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PvP servers aren’t bad. PvE has worse toxicity as players can spam build and wall parts off and ruin the server without consequence. Lots of friendly people on PvP.

Now if your goal is to build a big pretty base full of goodies — expect to get raided and lose everything.

I enjoy trying to build bases that are a pain to raid or not worth the effort, or learning how to hide is a very important skill, or learning how to hide your loot.

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I’ve had small hidden bases untouched for months on several official pvp servers… I’ve also found friendly people on all servers I’ve played on… There is bad people, but imo it’s not that bad overall.

Yes and no its 50/50 you can tell most people just by messaging them if you cant dont bother if they dont respond dont bother if you want to join a pvp official 3566 is the one I’m on pretty friendly people bad apples dont stay long we dont allow it. If ya join I’m Ganjika_420 Im on weekends and evenings I’ll set u up nice if your a player not minding help.

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Thank you all for your comments, you have all provided valuable advice.

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