Can a noob get some too?

Looking for a server to join. I’m relatively new to the game. I played on console for a bit. Wanting to meet some daily players that like base building.

Warning: I’m basically a noob and will most likely pester you for advise. You have been warned :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would love to help you out @Drewski_STX, I enjoy trying to help out new players with tips and advice. But I am an Offline Singleplayer and a ps4 one at that, so I cannot help you out with a home, ie-a server. But hope all goes well and you find a great server, and enjoy the game as much as we do! Good luck mate!

EU #1042 PVE (c) is a very warm and welcoming server. Plenty of newbies playing for the first time, as well as some old hands too. Loads of good building spots available. I’m a daily player with just over 3.5k hours of in game time. If you find your way to the server just ask for Thrombo (my in game name). :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter. There are typically all types of players (kind, toxic, indifferent) on every server. Ping matters the most when selecting a server so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to join one clear across the continent because someone lists it here.

Just use the server list panel and sort by ping. Then look for the one with the lowest ping that has the most players on during the time of day and the day of the week, that YOU will mostly be playing.

Will kindly disagree with u. The server communitty makes a HUGE difference… and since we r all different , what really matters is how communitty affects ur gameplay… So having a friend online is crucial…

If he has a friend online then he doesn’t need to ask for recommendations.

I agree “the community” makes a difference. But every populated server is a community. And every community has toxic, kind, and indifferent players. I haven’t seen an exception to this - ever.

Meanwhile if he selects one with a ping of over 100 just because someone listed it here, he’s going to have a pretty bad play experience with disconnects, rubber-banding, load delays, unresponsive thralls and interactives.

It’s wonderful that YOU love YOUR community, but anyone can grow to love their own too. Making new friends and meeting people is a lot of what online gaming is all about.