Noob looking for PC EU server

Have only ever played this for a couple of hours and its really tricky on solo so I never really getting into it, despite wanting to.

If there any place for a player like me? I’m a mature player (male, 48 years old) and I’m not into PvP, so just looking for PvE while I learn how to play properly. I have played other survival games, but never been able to get very far in those due to never having anyone to play with.

So looking for a official or modded PC server in the UK or EU, where I can play with real people and maybe learn how to play properly. I’m on DIscord as Delayed_Pause#3194


Hi! Would love to welcome you to my server. We’re a very small private server, with just a few players, and looking to grow a small community of players. I have 500 hours in the game so I’ve got some wisdom to offer, but lots of our new mods extend the end-game significantly, so a lot of that is new to me. You’re blocking friend requests on Discord at the moment, so feel free to add me instead, and we can chat in more detail.


Plenty of private, modded, PvE servers out there servicing mainly EU/UK regions, but also the world. Check out the mods you like (tons serve the PvE worlds) and find a match. If you want a high population, do a sort and check there. The worlds of Crom’s your playground :wink:

Hi, I didn’t even notice I was blocking friend requests lol. I have changed that though.

Yeh I would be interested in hearing about the server. I have only ever put a few hours into the game as it’s not really fun solo and I learn better off playing with others. Survival games are something I have always liked. But just never been able to find people to play with at my speed and I usually always feel like I am playing catch up, especially in an established game lol.

I’ve added you on Discord now - let’s chat there in more detail. There’s lots to discuss… exciting! :slight_smile: