Looking for EU PvE server, at or close to vanilla settings! (PC)

Hi, I’m a long time mmo player, looking for a stable, password protected server for PC, as close to vanilla as possible, to play with likeminded PvE players in the EU. I’d like to really see everything the PvE side has to offer, so building up a large base, character progression, exploring, taking on PvE bosses, etc. with a good community of people.

I play really often, morning, evenings, weekends.


Our server is not password protect but 90% of the players we have on the server are people from our discord channel. Also some other people from the Funcom Forums have set there base in our pve server.

We are really pve oriented and do a lot of stuff together. Building, Bosses, Dungeons, Purges, our ip is:

Invite for discord can i send privately. I hope to see you soon. There are already some people playing right now! So don’t be afraid to jump in!

That’s cool. I’m away for a couple of days, but I’ll give it a try Sunday :slight_smile: cheers.