Looking for Group

Hello Exiles,

I’m looking for some people to clan up with because I#m bored of singelplayer… I also tried official server but there everyone wan’t to play alone also as it seems…

Sooo I#m here now :slight_smile:

About me: I’m 32, German and got a normal 9-5 job
I’d just like to accieve something as a clan together.
For language I only can offer German or English.
For setting I’d prefer either vanilla or slightly modded (i.e. Less building restriction) nothing that changes the gameplay too hard… and PVE/PVE-K

Also I can offer discord but there are only Germans :wink:

If someone want’s to join me, I started some days ago on PVE 1005 offical, but no need to use that one.

Lookong foreward to you answers!

Hey Tschieses,

I might be too late but I would like to invite you to our Soft PvP Vanilla Server with Raid times. Its called “[EU] Soft PVP-Admins-Events-Rules-Wipe 11.01”. The direct connect does not seem to work but here is the IP:
We made a forum post today with the same name as the server name. I am not allowed to post the link for some reason…