Looking for server

I am looking for a new server. Preferably PvE, but willing to go PvP if it’s RP too. I am tired of playing on servers where I always wind up building fighting alone and nobody wants to work together unless you are in their clique.

Hope to play with you soon!

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Hey there oldConanfan! Just wanted to extend a hand in our server. We are a PvPvE server and have a friendly community growing so far. Ill give you the links to our steam page and server name. I would appreciate if you check us out. Not sure if you play PC or not but we are a PC server. Any questions please let me know!

Server name: [NA] Grognak’s Horde PvPvE - x2 All - Max Level 100
Server IP:
Steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/GrognakTheBarbarianServer

P.S. you wont end up alone we have a few clans looking for new poeple myself included :slight_smile:

Come join Papa’s Exile… Just started 05/14, NO lag, mature admin. 3xp/2gather.

We invite you to play on our servers. We run a bunch of other game servers and have a satisfied players base. All our worlds are player driven and properly maintained/moderated.

I tried your server this morning, made lvl 13, but apparently there was no one else on.

ya sorry, been working :wink:

we will be on throughout the day…there were others on yesterday.

Just to let you know, I have tried to direct connect 4X and it keeps saying server not found.

Try Papa’s Exile

You have my server aswell if you are interested in Warhammer fantasy themed RP, its only 10 slots for now untill we need an increase, but the more the merrier, were all friendly and likeminded individuals who like to see some nice roleplay, pvp and pve, EU.

my steam for any questions : GodlikeRaya

server info :
Direct connect IP :

Name : RR Server x7 Resource - Easy Mode

slots : 10