Looking for a new server, help!

Want to find a new server since the one i previously played on eventually died out and was shut down from the looks of it…

hopefully looking for a slightly boosted, pvp or pve-c server, maybe with no building damage… anyone have something going or that they know of?

I do NOT care for RP, my 3 man clan just wants to do our own things and occasioanally get into some scuffles.

mods are a plus, we’ve never played with any before so espcially quality of life mods would be nice.

hope im not asking for something too specific that doesnt exist lol

if anyone has a server in mind please let me know! thank you all!

you are welcome to give my friend @Barnes server a try
Blessings of Set

It’s friendly pvp
Minimal mods, three small QoL mods
Raid / building damage and Purges are restricted to weekends.

And we practice Wheaton’s Law.

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I run a single player server with mods like AOC,ELI and G-cam.If you dont want to join as individual players I cant help you.But the land claim area is set to 0.1 so you guys can do something together that has never been done before.Build all together as individual players.5x gather and 10x xp with the NPC damage pumped up to 3.5 x normal damage.You will have to work hard and together to kill some really hard hitting monsters.You can defend together against raids but only single players can raid.We only have one hour of raiding per day with no afk raiding allowed.Its basically to get some frustration out without destroying someone completely. Come check it out at discord or direct connect .

Server Ip and port: IP: steam://connect/

:thumbsup: :Pippi - User & Server Management

:thumbsup: :Amunets Dungeon Assets

:thumbsup: :Glass Construction and more…

:thumbsup: :GCam down to 60

:thumbsup: :Exile_lands_improved

:thumbsup: :The Age of Calamitous

:thumbsup: :Less Building Placement Restrictions

Invite someone to discord: https://discord.gg/tPeDmZN