Looking for a active admin



This might sound strange but im looking for an admin to start a war with.My current admins are great but it will be summer soon and they already mentioned not beeing online a lot.

I wanna make 2 clans where new players can join in if they want to be part of a group.
The main bases will be located behind the green wall with a dedicated warp to get there.

Your task will be to manage this clan as a leader and help organize events when going to war against clans on the server or the clan I am managing.

Join my discord so we can talk about this idea and get to know eachother.

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:smile: :smile:

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You wanna become my new admin? :slight_smile:

going up

Hi, :slight_smile:

I recently found a guy AKA TitanSpirit and joined his modded server. (https://discordapp.com/invite/A2Za6Q) (goodfriends)
He is an amazing IT guy, looking for a new place or more players to test his skills out with.

He made fun scripted NPC Quests and a Trade system

join the discord so we can talk and see if it clicks :slight_smile:

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Thank you :blush: I shall forward the message to him.

Yes had a good conversation with him yesterday .so far so good .


Any admins out there?