Tribe Recruitment [PVP] [Democracy]

My IGN is Mista. I want to create a committed tribe that can communicate effectively. You do not have to be on everyday, but it would be a nice courtesy to get a heads up if you were to leave for an extended period of time. I am by no means the leader, if this were to happen, everyone would pitch in their own ideas and techniques. I am simply the recruiter, and as of right now, I stand alone. If you are interested in joining this tribe, reply to this post and we can exchange discords to escalate conversation. Remember, if you join, you have as much of a say as anyone else, including myself. Currently, this is merely a thought until you make the choice to join this group or not.

Safe travels out in the wastes!

Hello,I have a tribe of 3 ish people who are very active and respectfull towards eachother.We all play together on my server and interact with other tribes,sometimes killing eachother but more often having fun doing dungeons and building together.Jump in discord and meet the crew :).