Looking for clan members for clan SoW on PvP server "Official 1540"

Been at the game for some time, and on this wonderful server, the admin is immensely active and supportive. Currently 3 strong in the clan and looking for more active players. Willing to train people if you want to learn!

Admin is immensely active and supportive?
I must be playing on a fake official server…

This is probably a private ‘official server’ because they were tired of hackers on the real official server 1540; situation that by the way is on all official servers, filled with people using third party program making the game unplayable on pvp server.

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It is an unofficial one but with all the raw characteristics of an official server. Admin is insanely active on it.

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Well, this one doesn’t have that issue. Admin’s seriously vigilant about hackers and cheats.

Hello! Aren’t you looking for some passive players as well? I played CE from the Early Access. I’m not a PVP player and at last I’m a bit bored of playing - but it’s nice to log in from time to time and do some “housekeeping”. If clanmates could give me a decent thrall, a mount and some gear I could gather resources, smelt ores, craft bricks, grow aloe etc. I’ll be glad to decorate your base as well (I have all the DLCs and BP items and some nice things from the Bazaar).

Technically we already have someone that can do that but none of us would refuse any help at all.

Up for joining the server?

Thx for the invitation, but it’s too far. I am on the other side of the planet. Such a pity.
Good luck and have fun you~

Interested in joining the server?

sorry nah, too busy, have fun and good luck