Looking for an European pvp or pve-c server

Hello all, I’m looking for a European server to play on. I’d prefer a boosted rp pvp or pve-c server. I’m a solo player that keeps mostly to myself and I rarely talk on the mic but I’m always available on discord and I will participate in server events and such.
Currently I’m playing (fun) na servers but when it comes to raiding and stuff I’m screwed because of the timezone difference.

EU official server 3217. Used to be very busy but the numbers dropped due to griefing clans. However they are now gone. Come join, the numbers are picking up again, be one of the first to build up

Welcome to Skull & Bones.

A PVP server with a twist.

You build your main base out of “Amunets Dungeon Assets”.These building pieces have 10 million HP.

In other words “They cant be destroyed”

Once your main base is up ,you build castles and towers out of Vanilla and AOC materials.

This way you can challenge other players trying to raid you without losing everything.

We have a 10 tier ranking system wich allows for unlocking feats like:

All factions & Feats,Acces to rooms in the adminbase who give you free materials to build a new base faster,Flying so you can build much faster and better,ETC…

Come and check it out at:

Server IP & Port: Port: 29015

Discord: https://discord.gg/tPeDmZN

Thanks but really I’m not looking for an official server, I wanna try my hand at a private one first.
I may check it out though.

I checked it out but alas it’s pc and I’m on ps4.


Iv just started a Private server PvP / PvE your more then welcome to try it
No rules Do as you please

Server name : NOmansland on the PS4

Im still learning the game myself lol I have 2 others on the server atm so it low pop but it can grow