LF Group \ Clan pvp/pve PC / EU

Hi Folks,
I enjoy the game for about 2 weeks, now it’s time to leave the solo gaming behind. Pvp or Pve i dont care , for me most important to play with nice people.

Because of daily working , I can only play starting from evening , English is not my naitiv languages, I guess speaking is much more easier for me than writing :))

Best Regards

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Hi there we are a 4 man clan on an official pvp server EU.
We are called VikingZ Inc.
If you would like to join us add me on steam so i can add you to discord and we can voice chat.

My steam name is B3erF4ct

im from belgium btw

We are still lvl’ing at the moment around 50 ish but with t3 bases.
Jump in if you want to join 18+ clan.

We are on Official PVP EU #1093

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