[PC] Looking for clan, pvp orientet

Hey guys, i played a lot in early access. After release i did hit lvl 60 and i know most of the new stuff, got over 400h played, looking for some clan that i can play with. I can start on a new server thats not a problem, just need to be EU. I am from Poland but my english is quite good.

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I’m solo on pvp server and in need of extra people to help progress faster

let me know of you are interested.

Hello I am from a pvp server klefdah we need more players in my clan it’s a EU pc server. If you need more information let me know

Hey, we as a clan are not recruiting, but our server is gonna be revived soon, maybe u wanna check it out & bring some or look for some ppl there? :slight_smile:

you can find all infos in Facebook on the “Rowsnet Community” page :sunny: