[PC] [PVP][EU] Looking for a clan/server

New player here looking for a clan to play with on a EU pvp server. I have not started on a pvp server yet i thought i would post here first before i random pick a server and start playing.

My steam name is Gulonzo
Discord: Gulonzo#8544

There is room for some new players on Official server #1100 PvP

i made a post looking for new players. if your 25+ come join us! add my steam - blindsideuk

I have found a clan now but thanks for the offers

Hey Gulonzo !
Maybe a private Server would be good for you, like ours! :wink:
In case your newly found Clan would like to, you could all join us! :hearts:
we have slightly above average xp & harvest, ultra high performance on our 70Slot server we are just reviving tomorrow!
I am sure you will like it more then an official server
here is the IP:
feel free to ask me anything! :slight_smile: