Looking for Players/Server/Clan [ PC ]

Greetings all

My name is Niko, and i come frome Slovenia (EU). I’m 22 y.o. and a student.
I bought that game today and i find it really nice, so now i wanna meet people with which i can play. Maybe something in PvE and yeah. I’m new so i need to learn some basic, but i played ARK which is similar.
Anyway i hope you would love to add me into your Group.

I speak: German, English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Chinese.

My Steamname is: Edwenheimer

Anyway have fun and a nice day :slight_smile:

Hey, still looking for a group?
https://discord.gg/ 6Bsraws

This is a discord link to a private server with multiple clans to hang out with and to help out :wink:

Hey Edwenhimer!
We are reviving our private server again, 70 Slots, super high performance, some really nice people, slightly higher xp & harvest.
We used to be one of the most wanted pvp servers, but after the hype cooled down many left.
love to have you around, here is the IP:
and if you have any questions beforhand, feel free to ask!