Looking for players to join me on official server 1122 (pref eu timezones)

As the title suggests, I’m looking for players to join me on official PvP server 1122.

I’ve been going at it solo for around 5 weeks now, but with the occasional raids by big(ger) clans it’s getting hard to keep motivated doing it all alone.

Would love to find some people who also love the game to play with.
Please add/message me if you’re interested. Got discord.

Still looking, really hoping to find some new or vet players to team up.


What is the performance like on Official servers these days? :slight_smile:

Hey Jay,

I have not had any issues preformancewise on the official servers except for a few small connectivity problems right after some hotfixes. But these are solved quite quickly.

Since I only play the game for a few weeks now I can’t compare to what it was before though. Of course you can always come check it out on server 1122 and join up with me at the same time :wink:

Haha cool! :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve got my own hosted server that I play on mostly, but it would be cool to try an official server again from time to time xD

How many clans ? How many ppl on server ?

Ah nice Joy, let me know when you would like to play or add me on steam (Same name).

Around 20-25 around raidtimes on average and I think 4-5 bigger clans. Don’t know how many smaller active clans there are.

I could do with some help on another official server if you have left that server