VikingZ Inc. EU PVP OFFICIAL #1093 6 spots open

Hi there, we are a 4 man clan on an official pvp server EU.

We are called VikingZ Inc.

If you would like to join us add me on steam, we own a discord for voice chat when nessecary.

My steam name is B3erF4ct

im from Belgium btw…

We are still lvl’ing at the moment around 50 ish but with t3 bases, you will have a good startup right away.
So far we are at war with the east due to unfortunate mistakes that where made. You will be trained for war as soon as possible, we will help you setup a small main base for yourself close to the fort.

Jump in if you want to join 18+ clan.

We are on Official PVP EU #1093

Just a bump up, if you want more info on the clan feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

another bumb up we have 4 slots left, the 2 new members are pretty awsome and going up in lvl :slight_smile: killed a few bosses tonight was fun

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Update we have 3 more spots open, if interrested make sure to add me on steam :wink:

These guys are awesome! Really nice people to play with! :star_struck:

!Join Join Join!

Thanks pewpew awsome having you around man!

There are 2 spots left in the Clan, hurry up and join the war on the Great Wall Of China!

un quebecois qui parle francais peut’il vous rejoindre ? :slight_smile:

Up We have 3 spots left in the VikingZ Inc :slight_smile:

Hey there! I’d love to join, my steam id is b_tori!

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Hey there, I am an active player that have been playing since the beginning of time. If you are still recruiting PM me.

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Update we are 6 actives right now again, still have 4 spots open :slight_smile: also check your pm inctrl