PC EU Official PVP Mic required, discord

Hey there

We are looking to fill 3 positions in our clan. It’s a pretty cool server we are on and you will get some help and time to build someting up. More information cannot be given right here but you can always contact me in a PM.
You can also replie to this thread so i can contact you afterwards

Looking forward to meeting some new folks around here :slight_smile:

Info about which server or clan name ect will be shared only privately


Up 2 :slight_smile:

hi is the server in the eu

dome me it is and im up for in if that is ok

hello i fond the server you guys are playing in im under the name dutchy hope i can join soon Xd im going to level atm XD

You guys still searching for people?

Hey kulkio we are still looking for 3 members for server 1093 EU pvp :slight_smile: sorry for the late response i will send you some info in a whisper