Searching for Teammates who wanna enjoy some PVP on a EU Official Server. [PC]


I am searching for some Mates for the Official PVP Server i am playing on. I have a huge base and a lot of mats. So it will be easy to push your lvl up and you won`t need the grinding i had to do :slight_smile:

I am in War with some Scumbags atm. but I lack of active members. Got like 7 Yog, 4 Set, 1 Ymir Archpriest ready + over 500 Jugs. :slight_smile: So you will have the opportunity for some proper action once we finished farming the tokens and got you on a decent level.

If you are interested PM me, hit me up on discord or just answer here.

I’ll join you, though I am EST time zone, but I do stay up late.

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Servername pls. Another Server to rule would be fun

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Nice, i will PM you my Steam-ID. and the server name.

edit. ah no idea where to pm here.

Its server 1201

can I add you on steam? My Steam account link should be able to to see on my profile.


You still looking for people mate? :slight_smile:

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Hi, I would like to join your clan. I live in the US and can play every evening, would this work? And please get back to me if English is good way to communicate.

Since I am new here, do not know how to PM yet. Excuse me. Thanks.

hey man, i dunno how it will work with the ping though. But you are welcome to join.

Add me on Steam: