PVP Official EU 1093

Hi there

We are looking for 2 actives to join the clan in conan exiles, we can get you some steel stuff right off the bat and a nice place to build up your character.

You need to have discord and be 16+

Send me a message if your interested or add me on steam under the name B3erF4ct

Bump still looking for 2 actives for official 1093 EU to compleet the clan :slight_smile:


https://discord.gg/JQKUMh not sure if its allowed but jump in for some conan exiles :slight_smile:

Up still looking for 2 actives :slight_smile:

Bump still looking for 2 players to join in the server and clan :slight_smile:

Adding a fresh link https://discord.gg/T2cmPQe if you jump in the discord let us know in the chat.

Another bump up, we are a team of 2 allied clans on server EU 1093 a total of 15 players playing togheter, but wee need 2 or 3 more for the main clan. You will get everything you need to build or explore the world and play the game in your own liking. You have full controll over how you play who you friend or foe with.

There is a huge war between 3 clans including ours and the top 2 clans on the server who are also combined in force. We have a great fortress built up so you will never have to start all over. The land is ruled by small towns all across the lands of us and our brethren clan. You will enjoy yourself for hours just building dungoening running around. There is no limit to what you can do if you join the VikingZ Inc.

Again use the link above to join the discord and lets us know you have arrived. Take your place among the VikingZ

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Looking for more we are 5 in total on good standing in the server.

Welcome to jump in the discord https://discord.gg/6UFSNQz