Anyone recruiting?

Hi everyone, my wife and I are playing Exiles on Xbox in EU, and we are looking for a private server to join and have fun maybe roleplay, with a nice community.

You are welcome to join ours and see if it’s a fit. It was created by myself, my girlfriend and a good friend of mine. We are PvP ROLEPLAY. So you don’t have to worry about things constantly being stolen with no explanation or your place being raided by ■■■■■■■■. Only ■■■ holes are the ones we write lol everyone is friendly and helpful. “When it was dark” is the name. Xbox and the discord link is we look forward to seeing you :slight_smile:

Youi are more than welcome to join Lands of the Unknown server - we’re PVP-Conflict it’s a new 20 slot server so you will be able to build where ever.

Wanting a fresh start where you can build anywhere you like (read Rule 1)
PVP - Conflict (weekends) | 20 slots | Relaxed | Drop Equipment on Death | 78 level cap


  1. Do not block discovery locations, Dungeons, Roads, bosses/chests or abundant resource locations such as Iron, Brimstone, Crystal, Lotus, Spider caves, etc. This includes heavy traffic areas such as Unnamed city and its boss spawns.
  2. Do not block other players inside or outside of their own builds.
  3. If interested place join discord to see a list of rules - basically do not be a dick to others

Server: Lands Of The Unknown PVP Conflict - g-portal
Platform: PC
Combat Mode: PVP Conflict
Server Rented through g-portal US-West (in service since May 1, 2019)
Server Status: 24/7 | 20 slots | Active Admin | Relaxed | Drop Equipment on Death
Port: 35800

Stat Changes:

  • level 78 is the NEW LEVEL CAP
  • EXP: x2
  • harvest XP: x2
    Can change later but for now:
  • PVP Time: weekends (1800-2200)
  • drop Equipment on Death
  • player damage player buildings turned off
  • decay timer turned off
  • purge system turned off

LitMan Level Seventy Eight
IMMERSE RP & Building Decor
Niflheimr - MiniMap
EverN00b’s minor inventory mod (resources stack 1000)
Less Building Placement Restrictions - No NPC Camps