[EU] Looking for 4-5 people to play with (pve)

Looking for 4-5 new players to play with on a server. Preff a little older’ish people as i am my self past 45.

PM me if you are interested :slight_smile:

Small Edit:
The server is rented for a year, there is a few quality of life mods and it runs the old map. Sorry for the edit i should have put this in the post when i made it, i blame the all mighty spagetti monster for not reminding me!


I would be interested. Unfortunately my account is new here so I don’t think I can PM you.
I’m over 40 myself too and playing alone can get a bit boring sometimes.

Not a complete newb to the game but started playing a few of months back.

hey hey, oh silly forum!, yeah i didnt want to trow the server info out here in the ether to much hehe

Lord_Murdak, if you just read a few posts in the forums like the guildelines, etc and maybe a couple more random ones, you can send PMs it seems. I did dig up this info after some searching

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Hi there, Would love to find a fun relaxed atmosphere server! 45 here!
Recently got back into Conan after a long pause!