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Hello there!
I play on a fantastic, smaller PC private server. We’re looking for 2-4 older players to help flesh out our world. Ideally, you’ll be over age 30 with a family. If you’re interested in an extremely friendly server community, message me for details!


Is this a PvE server? If so I would be interested.


Morning! Thanks for the reply and the obvious edit I missed. We are a PvE server!

Cool! I’m pretty new to the game. Just started this weekend but I am loving it!

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We’re having a ton of fun as well. Pretty much consuming all my free time right now! Welcome aboard!

Not sure if you already have a rented server or not, but we have a pve server that lost most of the players so i wiped it last week. We are looking for the same kind of people. Just a chill pve environment. we do have some mods on it though and increased the harvest. Not trying to take over your post but i thought it might interest all of you. The server is prepaid for a year.

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Oof. Sorry to hear that. I doubt we’ll come visit, but you’re more than welcome to join us. Our community is still very active and friendly. Sorry to hear about the deposit!