New to game looking for a pve server

Like title says new to the game looking for a laid back pve server on pc no pvp dont care about mods or not and rates around 3-5 no more

i just started a PVE server, will be up today. If you’re still looking, hit me up on discord for more details Tallgeese#8874. In a nutshell, though, we have 3x’s harvest rate, lots of quality of life mods and we are planning on building a PVP arena and jousting arena which will utilize the battle standard system…

I’ve had a PvE only server up for about a week with a couple of us playing on it so far. XP is x2 and gathering is x8. There are also a few mods being run to enhance the game experience. Full server details can be found on our Discord:

The Revenants of Duskfire is looking for members. PVE-C with two factor raid protection for PVE only clans.
For more details you can find my forum post or join our discord @

I know it’s not exactly what you asked for but i guarantee you will like it if you take the time to join this server antharan-exiles, bring friends too :slight_smile: besides the ones you’ll make :smiley: