Any interest in PC PVE-C server with no avatars?

I’ve been searching the servers for a few days now and can’t really find one that fits what I want. Most are either full on PVP or none and only PVE. The few that fell in the middle all have really high harvest and xp rates so they can focus on the end game stuff I guess but I think that makes the game to easy. Most still have avatars which I think make the game a joke. But I don’t want to rent a server if no one is interested and I’m still playing alone so I wanted to see if people might be interested. It wouldn’t be vanilla, there are some mods I really like, like a few of LItman’s mods, shaved female, female wheel, maybe pippi and compass. Especially being mostly PVE I don’t want the game to be easy by any means but I work for a living so I also don’t want to grind for a month just to build a house. I work nights so I play late, so late players are very welcome.
The server would be in Dallas, I’d probably start with 20 slots and move up as needed. We’ll use discord of course, have clans limited to 4 people to start I figured. I figured vanilla to 1.5X xp, 3-5X harvest rates, no avatars of course. Purge default, and PvP on Fri/Sat for 2 - 4 hours maybe. This would definitely be a community run server. No corpse drops, probably no base destroying is what I’m thinking.
Of course we would have the standard rules, no grieving or trolling but no snowflakes either. No blocking resources or other important areas, be a decent human being basically.
So if anyone is interested let me know. Thanks.