(PC) Looking for server NA (PVE-C / PVP)

Hi, i’m currently playing in a server but there not many people playing so i’m trying to find a new one to call home…

I’m more inclined to a pve-c kind of server, with no, or limited raid time.
I don’t mind to RP, not my focus but i enjoy it
I DON’T want a server with AoC mod, i prefer to be close to vanilla, but i like some mods that add some stuff to the game like emberlight.
I prefer server exp ratings around 3x ~ 5x same with gathering

Overall, a close to vanilla experience, relaxed with some decorative stuff, new building pieces and new things to find would be awesome.

thank you

You are welcome to join my server. It just started around a week ago so it still has a small population. Its not a RP server and Im not running AoC. Xp is 3x along with harvest and the only mods we’re running atm are less building restrictions and pickup+. Im still looking through the mods to see what others I want to add so there might be a couple others eventually. Server name is “Original Sin 3xExp3xHarvest” if you decide on joining. We also have a discord that I just started for the server.

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Thank you! i’m going to checkit out!

If you want a tip, focus your server into a way of playing CE, some people like raiding 24/7, build, destroy rebuild, even with periodic wipes.
other people just want to build big, no pvp
others wants to RP

Focus your server the way you want and find the mods you need to reach your goal.

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Pretty much what you are looking for

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