Looking for new Players

HI we are currently looking for new players Pve server, for now

No mods

Everything apart from Day/night and claim radius is normal.


Come join us:)

I’m looking for a pve server myself, but I’d like to play on a fresh server as the launch kicks in.
Are you guys going for a fresh start? And if you don’t mind me asking… How populated is your server atm?
BTW I live in Central Europe and play in the evenings mostly.

Hi there the server is about 2 weeks old, me and my friend are building a huge city at the moment, but no one els is currently playing, my gf wants to play, but her comp can’t handle the game, there are 2 others but they don’t want to play since there area where they were building is very buggy. your more than welcome to join, we are on very much all the time;p just follow the link it should take you right to the server